Saturday, November 1, 2008

Shoe Happy

FRYE Women's Paige Cuff Boot [$400]

Over-the-knee love!Juicy Couture - Rhonda [$157] @ Zappos
Juicy Couture Camden [$624] Found themmm on Zappos!
Also available in brown
I adore this bootie! This picture is from Natalicious-STYLE, a blogger from Oslo.
It's surprisingly from Tommy Hilfiger -- cannot find it online....
But wow I haven't been this excited for shoes since I found those Juicy Camden ones.
I love the heel - it's substantial enough to walk a long time in them!
I would also like this baby
Mason! He's in this movie called "Baby and I" -- Canadian + Korean mix... he's 1 (a 2007-er)!
Sung YuRi is so gorgeous!
Love the coat!
See more here
(not sure if link works for non-Soompi members)
Oh yea a coworker got that glycolic peel done at Holts [$50] and her skin looks absolutely amazing + glowy!
She also got the deep tissue massage, full body exfoliator (I think it's the salt glow), mani + pedi done.
Here's the list of treatments + prices. (I think it's kind of funny how they're pretty descriptive w/ the treatments for women, but for men, all they have are "face, hands, feet" lol)
If I could pick any 3, I'd get the glycolic facial peel or microdermabrasion facial, salt glow + intense callus pedicure.
Helloooo Christmas.


Melanie said...

nope, non-soompi members can't see more :(

that kid is adorable!!!!!! so that's what my kid will look like? ;)

Natasha said...

haha I hope so!! I want to babysit a baby like that!

Nat said...

i would like that baby as well.