Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Constantly Hunting For Something


I'm trying to find a better, non-generic (preferably a bit girly + chic) way to organize my CDs.... not CDs in cases, but the homeless CDs I've burned... something that allows me to easily find the CD I want (of course, I'd organize it in some order)... I'm planning to burn actual CDs (like one artist volume per CD) + really organize the songs instead of having a bunch of CDs with random songs I liked that week... and something that fits more than 100 CDs. No cases.

I don't want an ugly, guyish, generic CD case like this but they are the most practical I think... aren't there any girly ones?
nor do I want a book or binder like this:
And as much as I wanted a cute, huge sliced-fruit CD case that's much like the hamtaro one my brother got me for my birthday many years ago, I'd like something I can keep for a long time.

This is neat - you can hook it up to your comp and the program will help you find the CD you want. Cute shape too, but a bit too high tech.
I've got work the next 2 days. Today I cleaned my room (seems to be a constant thing... everytime I have free time I end up cleaning my room 'cause there's always something new to do.. how exciting) + shopped dwtn a bit w/ B + M and we went to eat dinner at Tropika (w/ an entertainment coupon which made it pretty cheappp).
That Japanese Convenience store (konbini) is selling my Shiseido Tsubaki White conditioner + shampoo for even more expensive now!!! $15.99... it used to be $13.99. Psssh. What stops me from buying it is knowing that it's only $7 in Japan and that ppl I know are going in a month... can I wait?? Hai (yes).

Oh gloominess is making me feel gloomy.. and not want to go outside at all. Boo.


Jamie said...

oh what a coincidence, me and Tina just ate at Tropika today too.. hehe. I also went to the Japanese konbini and saw the 15.99 shampoooo :P :P

Dimitrios said...

wow so much more work to re-burn all your songs :P though, it makes sense. nightmarket should have those kinds of things? i guess u would've looked.

i've been going to makeup alley a lot now! just.. researching. very helpful :D

Nat said...

uh yeah obviously that's not dims, but me.. = ='' it automatically uses the google account, forgot to sign out of his email....= =