Monday, June 2, 2008

Part Of Your World

Oh man I'm exhausted! Yesterday: shopping downtown w/ Nad to get black flats for work - after going to many many stores, ended up getting Payless ones. Cheap, not very nice looking, but comfy enough. Then Becky came over + M, her, and I went to Richmond, ate Korean food at Jang Mo Jib, and went to the Richmond Night Market. I bought 50 CD-Rs for $14 (bargained) and didn't waste money on any junk (woot). If I would, though, I'd buy those butter socks to keep my feet moisturized at night, an anna sui fake mirror, and tea + the clear tea seeper thingy.

Today was my first day of work @ the bakery -- 11:30-7:30. Phewwww they didn't really train me - it was more like "look, familiarize yourself with the goods, take your time, practice". At the end of the day I got the hang of it of course, but I was a bit anxious 'cause there were so many different types of baked goods and names and people were just listing so many orders so quickly (and you know I have a terrible short term memory!) - I've never had to deal with that before w/ that intensity. Actually, I wasn't anxious about that, it was finding the exact same item in the cash register screen thingy again.. I'm so used to using the Ctrl+F button and typing part of the word I wanted to find... too impatient to have to look for it hahaha and I don't like keeping the customers waiting. They have pictures for everything and tons of categories so it's just picking the right category and finding the picture that took me a while to get used to. I'm fine now though. My co-workers are interesting people - all very nice -- and there's already a bit of drama going on... or mystery, I might say. At the end of the day, the other 2 employees gave me a TON of goods to bring home. I lugged a whole 9-inch chocolate cheesecake, half a dozen cookie types (that were fine - just cracked so we couldn't sell them), 3 strawberry mousse mini cakes, 1 turtle chocolate mini cake, 1 vanilla mousse, a carraway rye loaf, and a focaccia loaf.

Hmm now I have to think of something black to wear tmr... and it's supposed to rain boooo
I think a black Lululemon wardrobe would be very handy.. I need pants that I can easily bend in without having to pull my pants back up when I stand up. Darn low rises.
I need some longer black tops too and maybe a cute black blouse.
Not a very inspiring wardrobe though.

Anyway, according to my schedule, I have a day off on Wednesday or Thursday (forgot)... but I'm scheduled for Saturday (I can't make 'cause I've got Korean).

Can't think no more... I zonk.


Nat said...

your first day sounds like it went really well!! i'm glad it seems like it's pretty easy to get used to - or u're just a really fast learner :P i always hate the learning curve :( not that i've had that many jobs, but.. learning curve sucks. the cash register sounds interesting.. pictures? categories? haha cool.

omg.. im very much trying to restrain my jealousy... of ..your abundance of baked goods....... well wen i first read it i was exploding AHH I WILL COME VISIT YOU WEN YOU CLOSE XD ..but now i remember.. i am very full from the m&m bumble blossom i had for dessert T_T and how jiggly everything feels. yeahhhhhhh lol.

so... wat is this DRAMA u talk about????

Nat said...

btw that off shoulder tops looks neat. it's kind of weird how they're trying to advertise versatility wen really.. there's only sooo many ways you can wear it. i duno, i guess just compared to AA ....nothing will come close haha.

(so thaaat's wat u were looking for at zara.. "poppy red" ... = ='')

N said...

OMG nad... practically any bread types or if there's any dessert, I'LL GIVE THEM TO YOU if I see you!! I don't know what I'll get every time, but put orders in haha