Saturday, May 31, 2008

Swing Softly

Currently on repeat: SHINee's Mini Album - it's quite a good CD (even though it only has 5 songs). They ain't good looking but they have talent dance-wise and voice-wise. Now where is that Wonder Girls 3rd Project album for me to download... so hot!

Korean class today! Like every Saturday. Seems like we're learning so slowly (It's been 1.5 months, once a week) 'cause we'd have already learned everything in 2 weeks if I were in Japanese class. I see quite a few similarities between Japanese and Korean which is pretty cool -- their sentence structure... but for Korean, you have to pay attention to the end of the word... if it's a vowel or consonant and then it changes the particle which is slowing me down. Fun though! I can now read both Japanese and Korean =)

Me w/ the beautifully coloured flowers @ UBC. It was chill-ayyyy (which is why I'm wearing the leggings) but sunny.
Weird wash of glare or something from my cell.
Then M and I grabbed McDonalds (snack wrap + iced coffee... wow it's been a very long while since I've been to McD's) and my mom and I went to Superstore where I picked up a Joe Fresh white racerback tank for $6 (they're having a 25% off sale) and some Goody bobbypins. Gotta get some hair pins another time. Came home, made marinated tea eggs (wasn't strong enough and the instructions on the back of the package was sort of in bad English). Finally did a good work out in my basement while watching the first 1.5 episodes of Memories in Bali (Korean drama) + my uncle dropped off some joong. Made an appearance on MSN - it seems to be working again yay!

A while ago, Shopbop featured this T-bag Solid Off Shoulder Top [$119], advertising its versatility like this:
I really like it!! Especially the navy and the poppy red. Too bad it looks like something I can get from Zara for under $30. Maybe I should check Zara, actually.

I found the Marc Jacobs swingpacks I posted on yesterday's blog. I really really like them. They're called MARC by Marc Jacobs Softy Percy Bag.
Iconic Marc style in a sweetly scaled-down size. Pebbled-leather handbag with 7″ zipper pocket, logo lettering, and logo bolt detail at front. Gold hardware. Adjustable shoulder strap and 6″ main compartment zipper. Lined.
Very functional and I'm very sure I'll put them to good use when I get it. Now, which colour should I get?
Yellow is nice and bright and fun.
White is also very nice but I'd be too afraid it'd get dirty and I plan to use this for many years so it's at the bottom of the list of contenders.
Neiman Marcus has this version which is quite nice except I don't like the red stitching.
Light brown - I like the red straps -- a diff combo of the same colours from the previous.
Black - it's part of their Fall 2008 line and I can use it practically everywhere.
I wonder if it comes in a dark brown. I should check Holts tmr.

Parents bought 2 red leather recliners for the TV room today. Pretty comfy stuff.

I found these 2 design and decor sites today that has got me saving pictures left and right!
Vintage & Chic - everything is in Spanish so I just look at the pictures, and The House That A-M Built - a relatively new site that follows a mother's inspiration to decorate her new house.
Some of my saves:
A gorgeously grand staircase. It just makes me want to stand tall while I walk up.
How's that for a pool house? ".... complete with lounge, lamps and chandelier!"
I dream of having a house that lets this sort of light streaming in.
An inviting entrance. I love french doors so. Gotta make sure I have a lifetime supply of Windex though.
Lounge.Cute -- a huge umbrella!
haha quirky love.

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Hi, I'm Leticia from Vintage & Chic. Thanks for mentioning my blog here! If you check my blog now, you will see it is also in english... Congrats for your lovely blog!