Friday, May 30, 2008

Victoria Plus

The trip started when M picked me up at 3:45AM (I've only gotten around 2.5 hours sleep). We drove to Tsawwassen and took the 5:15AM ferry to Duke Point (Nanaimo). We'd take the Schwartz Bay one that leads us to Victoria, but that Coast Saver (which saves us a lot of money) is only valid on Saturday whereas the one to Duke Point is valid every day. We didn't want to skip Korean class on Saturday's. So yea - it came out to be $30.30 to bring 2 people and a car over. Anyway, the ferry ride was pretty quick - we ate the breakfast I packed (parfait + banana), walked around the ferry (it's nice 'cause the ferry was pretty empty), and had some fun outside w/ the wind + pics, and took a nap.
Brr it's a bit chilly out here, but if you do decide to jump overboard, here's a floating device. Go save yourself while I get some hot chocolate.
When we got off the ferry, I totally zonked out for an hour and a bit while M drove down to Victoria.

Finally got to UVic + checked it out for a couple hours. It's in a circle. It was quite chilly... I kept on thinking it was at least 1 or 2PM but it was only 9 or 10AM!
Saw lots of bunnies! Everywhere! Hop hop hop. Darn - I only took pictures of the bunnies with my Fisheye camera. Next time I plan to bring a cage and carrots and scout out the cutest one to bring home.

Then we ate pasta salad I made and went to the Market Place and The Bay Centre which their downtown.
I wanted that pale yellow strapless dress (right), but it was $179 or something like that. I could make it. You know what?! I just might!!
I recognized a lot of places from my last trip to Victoria in Gr. 10... about 5 years ago. There were quite a few independent boutiques selling over-priced clothes. Their mall wasn't very impressive though. I didn't buy anything but I saw a few things I liked. They have this store dedicated to JUST tacky Christmas things. I'm really curious how well they do in the summer.

Then at around 1 or 2, we went to Fishermen's Wharf where we ate Halibut Fish and Chips + clam chowder at this hut called Barb's Place (they had pagers that rung when your order was ready!!) and had ice cream. By then, the weather was gorgeous! We walked around the docks to look at the boats and it reminded me of my grandpa's boat that we used to fish off of - so much fun.
Heeeere fishie fishie fishie!
Barb's Place.The wharf.My boat - I looked to see if the owner was there and didn't hear anyone.. but when we finished, the guy (owner) came out and asked us how the picture turned out. heh
M's boat - The North Star. It's a nice sized boat!Fixing up his baby.Just thought the orange floaties were colourful.Our last stop was the beach. The sand was nice but there was wind so I couldn't lie down or I'd end up covered in sand. Saw the sweetest-looking little girl in the most adorable white dress w/ black detail and her hair was in a french braid that ended in a bow. I just wanted to take her home!
Awww precious!
lol the mom made the boy and his sister roll up their pants and hold thing hahaaha - they were all hunched, walking down to the water.
Time to head back -- drive back up to Duke Point after grabbing some Starbucks. I slept for about 30 min. We were about an hour early for the 8:15PM ferry. I got to drive her car a bit.. and just straight haha. Fun! Came back around 10:30 + had a late dinner at Nancy's Wonton House on Victoria Dr.. Zzzzzzzz... If I stayed up 2.5 more hours, I would have been up for 24 hours.


I got a job today (finally). My dad said that I'd have to do dishes every day until I got a job. I guess that motivated me more than usual. Anyway, I'm working as someone who sells baked goods like cakes, breads, and pastries at Stuart's Bakery on Granville Island (in the Public Market). I start Monday - full time from 11:30-7:30. I have to dress in all black. That normally shouldn't be a problem xept a few of my black clothes are mainly jackets and dresses I realized... I don't have many black pants... in fact, I only have one - my yoga ones... and only one black pair that isn't a heel... and I can't wear those for long periods of time. SO this weekend I need to find myself some flats
So yea - I gotta figure out some savings plan for myself. Gotta start saving for the future. With my new plan, it's gonna take me 5 weeks + absolutely no spending to get that pair of Louboutin pumps haha.

I'm gonna need a trim in a month... maybe I should book Chura now. They're so booked all the time.

I've got lots to blog about today... (what's new, pussycat?)

There's shoe store called Bakers -- I don't know why I didn't see one when I was in Seattle or LA... don't know much about them but they have decently-priced shoes.
I really like these statement gladiator-style shoes! Chunk-ayyyy
Guess - $80, reg. $109

Gladys WP - $75, reg. $80Givenchy Heavy Banded High Heel Sandal.. no idea how much it sells for - sold out on ShopBop.
But wow.... I LOVE these!!! Def. shoe lust....JEANS
Okokok I know I have a lot of skinnies. I just find it easier to wear than boot cut/flare jeans whatever 'cause I have more drape-y, voluminous tops.
Sel-ca-ing in the A&F changroom @ The Grove. I quite liked these jeans xept they're way too long (as you can see) and the destroyed-ness needs to be a bit higher (@ my knee).
I like the effect of the girl on the left, where the jeans just fall like a tube around your legs and around your heels. It helps that she has thin thighs, though.
Butchea - I think light skinnies might be a better investment.. esp. since the lighter the jeans are, the wider they make your legs look anyway. SO I'm still looking for a nice pair of destroyed light-wash jeans.
Guess - Vintage Wash Daredevil Skinny Jean [$90]
This is a nice contender but there's a bit too much highlight on the thighs. I did see the perfect shade in the Guess store though so I should check it out again.
I found a new blog that has earned a permanent place on my Firefox toolbar.
It's called because im addicted
She has a nice style - it's indie yet not annoyingly so... like she doesn't try hard to be different from the crowd.
She's in a similar situation as me though -- still hunting around and discovering her own style.
haha I like this picture - next to the greens. Cute jacket from H&M.
Great bag - by aaneta, I believe. When I saw this picture, I was kinda surprised 'cause I was trying to find a blue blouse in that exact shade to wear w/ my AA skirt like she's doing right here! What a coincidence.
Here, she paired an AA bathing suit w/ her AA interlock pencil skirt. She looks great!
Socks with heels - looks real nice on ppl w/ thin thighs... or thin legs in general.
I am IN LOVE with this Vintage Gucci clutch-type!!! Must. Have.
So, I did a quick Ebay search and found this other vintage Gucci clutch and OMO it's absolutely divine..... $200.
I've also been on the look-out for swing bags like these. These 3 happen to be Marc Jacobs and all of them are very nice.
Anyone care to find out how LV bags are bootlegged?
Oh yea - I opened a Paypal account today (didn't work before for some reason) and bought something off Ebay... I'll review it when it arrives and I've used it for a few weeks.


Nat said...

victoria trip looked sweet! beach part especially.. those kids are so cute! and yeah i wana see bunny pics! at least you're finally using your lomo =p

i like how you say "i need start saving for my future" .... for shoes = ='' oh boy. five weeks.. you can manage that eh? live like a hermit :P

im too used to seeing skinnies on you. if you folded up the jeans i think i might take to them better. yeah i want jeans that fit like that girl you have up.. i was like i want such a small flare that it's like equivalent top and bottom.. and after a lot of unsuccessful hunting i realized ...i have big thighs so that means the equivalent for the bottom would be like.. massive T_T haha.

are you really gona make that yellow dress? i am very eager to see the results!

N said...


Yea - those jeans were L (long). I'm actually a Short in A&F jeans. Short fits me perfectly, but there weren't any S or R left.

Non-skinny jeans can be quite difficult to find!

And yes! I would really like to make that yellow dress -- it's gonna be hard to find the material though... 'cause I want the stripe at the bottom.. and I have no idea how to make it w/out a pattern but I'll try. It's a simple dress - shouldn't be that hard. Basically a tube w/ elastic at the top and middle! haha

So are you even more interested in Victoria later?!

karla said...

hey! i was totally gonna buy those strappy wild pair shoes except for i opted for a different pair. cute blog by the way!

D Montgomery said...

Looks like you had a great trip to Victoria BC. You lucked out with the weather judging from your pictures it has been quite rainy and miserable lately.

Its too bad you didn't take the Ferry from Vancouver to Victoria it would have been much more scenic.