Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tulips & Daffodils

What lovely weather!

I'm feeling fantastic despite my 5.5 hours of sleep (thanks to the next door neighbour's motorcycle).

Tmr, M and I are going to Victoria to scout it out. It should be another nice day but we're catching the 5:15AM ferry (yes, we're nuts) and won't be getting back until late.

Anyway, I forgot to tell you about how I signed up for something online a month and a bit ago and I've been receiving annoying trivia texts 4 times a week. My mom got our cell phone bill a couple days ago and found that I've been charged $24 for receiving those texts - $2/text! So we called Rogers and they said they get a lot of people calling in b/c of this problem and that it's serious - don't give out your cell phone number! So anyway, I unsubscribed from the site (I've never seen before) and Rogers did a one-time courtesy thing and waved the amount so phew. Lesson learned.

Oh yea - and yesterday I drew out plans for my room (for the 3943 time). This time, I'm 89% sure I'm gonna stick w/ this plan. The hardest are going to be finding the perfect wallpaper, finding 2 different yet complimentary bed-side tables, finding the mirror, and finding the 3-drawer dresser that fits in that space between my door and mirror. I'm definitely gonna finish this before summer ends. I'm thinking subtle yet high-impact Victorian-inspired.
Darn small room. It'll be cozy.

I'm gonna have so much fun sifting through vintage stores and flea markets finding accessories - I don't intend to go overboard, but there are certain things I wanna look for like rustic candle holders (left).

I hate my bookshelf and desk colour. I want to make them both cream but my mom says you can't paint over them - it won't work. We'll see... 'cause there IS this thing called primer..

Some projects I will need to do include:
- making my cream-coloured quilted headboard
- re-upholstering my desk chair (super easy - just buy fabric and staple gun it)
- fabric-covering my cork board (another easy project once I find satin ribbon + the right fabric)
- I would love to redo some furniture.. like sand it down, repaint, give it new hardware and make it look old again.

This pic was taken from my cell @ the Beau Villa place. Love the mirrors + chandelier + colours + accessories and everything!
Sally Jane Vintage - sells vintage on Ebay and has a blog.
I really REALLY like this dress! She's auctioning it off tmr and I won't be there to bid. Oh wellllll... it'd be cheap too! like $20. I really really like that belt too. Bahh
Run away with me...
I wish I could do swing skirts but all the volume makes my butt look larger than it needs to.

Some current Craigslist posts:
2 Oxygen Scooters! FUN!
Shu Uemura Blush + NYX Eyeshadow
NEW Classic Adidas Originals Superstar II Size 6 Mens/8 Womens
NEW Green Tote
Banana Republic Shirt Dress for SALE
NEW Longchamp Le Pliage Bag Pending
NEW American Apparel Unisex Black Deep-V Tee Sz. S
2 Belts - Roxy
**Prom Dress! Excellent Condition!**
2 Cute White Lamps
Black Guess Dress Sz. M Pending

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Nat said...

89% sure? gosh how i wish i could be that accurate hahaha. yay- finally getting some (more) finalized plans with your room :P it would be hard to paint the desk. the bookshelf not so much but i'd really miss the finish of the ikea desk (i have the same one!) it's so smooth.. i can see it being bumpy with paint :S and even sticky and maybe peeling?? unless u do that thing of getting a huggee glass sheet to go ontop..

wow lots of craigslist items! oh scooters. i remember how i yearned so badly for one.. i still have rollerblades that i used ...twice? how sad.

have fun in victoria! gota tell me if there's anything worth it there for me to go :P