Tuesday, May 27, 2008

'Cause I'm Dreaming, Of You Tonight

YesStyle -- I filled out a quick survey and got $5 off my next purchase. Made me give that site a quick look around. Their Spring/Summer items are always so much nicer than their Winter.
El Style - Halterneck Pleats Dress + Strapless Inner Dress [62]
Cocoa Avenue - Drape Front A Line Dress [38]
AH this dress is so simple (also a halter) and the material is inexpensive-looking and it is probably only worth $9 in the markets but I do love it a lot!! So easy to throw on. Considering...
El Style Bow Tie Sleeveless Dress [78]
I don't know why I have this here - I don't like it that much. I think I just liked the picture more.
El Style Bow Tie Sleeveless Dress [62]
Jvin - Ring Detailed Shoulder Bag [208]
The giant rings are super cute and nautical. I think this may be the first thing I like in baby blue!! If they didn't have the white, I'd probably get the baby blue. The pink is cute too. But the "mature yellow" one is also really nice and versatile. Actually after looking at them, I like them all!!
Has a nautical feel, doesn't it.

Ah Rodellee (owner of AdoreVintage which I love browsing). She's such a doll and inspires me soooo much in the fashion and decor department. I've been reading her blogs for about 1.5 years now - she has such a defined style (I can only hope to one day have her wardrobe!!) and her body was just made for vintage I tells ya!
I'm really loving this yellow and white striped cardi. So charming! Currently searching for a nice oversized (like super oversized... below my butt) yellow and white (or gray) striped hoodie.
So ya - she owns her own (successful!! She was even recognized in some Switz magazine and she didn't even know until someone told her!) business selling vintage clothes on her website and on Ebay and works as a stylist too. She has a knack to style things just right IMO. I really love her work.
She makes polkies look chic and cute at the same time.

She seems to be a cool individual. She's one of those people who I respect because they're unafraid to wear what they want yet it's tasteful at the same time. This is a page from her scrapbook - Disneyworld. I like her captions. She makes me want to make a scrapbook. I have a lot of materials actually.. and now I have time.. but it's a LOT of work that I'd rather spend doing other things at the moment. Maybe when I have kids lol. I'll do it for them.
and she sometimes makes these collages w/ a specific theme.
I love the "floral prints" dress so much! V. pretty.

I found this 100% silk dress on some girl's List4All site. SUCH a nice dress!! She claims it's an authentic Chloe (yes, the same brand as my Paddy and one of my FAVOURITE designers!!) but I don't know (ie. I don't think so) 'cause the tag is ripped (even though she took a picture of it)... and the fact that she's only selling it for $200 which is an absolute steal 'cause most of their stuff costs a few thousand $$, butchaknow a dress is a dress and this one happens to be nice even if it isn't authentic. I just don't have the money right now.
I guess I have a thing for blue dresses these days. I have 4 or 5 of them... not all this bright though.
I love this idea. For this couple's wedding, they basically had 2 types of material and their bridesmaids had to find someone to make the dress for them (since bridesmaids usually have to pay for their own dresses anyway, I learned from 29 Dresses)... and look how gorgeously different all these dresses turned out! What a fantastic idea! I want to do that. Actually I just realized a lot of people do that... like a lot of my aunts... but it never turns out as cool as these 'cause they only use 1 type of material. I love these colours too!!
I'm so happy I made my 2nd Craigslist sale! Goodbye trench coat. I was pretty lucky to sell it in a way. I bought it at a consignment shop in Kerrisdale a while back pretty much on a whim. I should go back to that shop though. It's called Preloved and it had some good stuff. I think it was having a 75% off sale on select merchandise when I went that one time. B bought a black dress that said it was from Paris and I bought the trench and a gray DKNY dress that's a pencil skirt, long-sleeved, and turtleneck-like. I still don't have the guts to wear haha.. but it was only $15... and doesn't go out of style. I need to hem it though. It passes my knees! Darn models always so tall.
Like this American Apparel one xept thicker material and a lighter gray (but darker than heather gray):
Anyway, it's interesting seeing who buys your stuff... like when they contact me, I see their name and I see their "online personality" from what they type in a way.. and then I picture some sort of person. Both times, my "image" was quite wrong. For the first girl who bought my Coach swingpack, I thought she was young (like teens), short, small, and either Vietnamese or Chinese. Well, OK she was Chinese, but she was tall, had glasses, and didn't seem to care how she looked (surprised me!).
The 2nd one today.. her name made her sound like an older, plump European sort... she was European, but she was quite petite and was probably late 20's (just had a baby) and pretty! lol sort of funny how I automatically stuck out my hand to offer to hold her purse while she put on the coat 'cause I'm so used to doing it for friends. But duhhh lol. Although I'm sure I don't look like I'd run off with it, why would a perfect stranger give me her purse?!

Click HERE for a free sample (Canadians only) of Olivia's Oasis Bodywash (they claim to use 100% Pure Olive Oil in their beauty products... which means VERY moisturizing!).

Whoa whoa whoa! Holts is catching up w/ Sears (or is it The Bay? Or both?) w/ the free gift with purchase dealio.
Spend $35 before taxes before June 15th and you'll receive this bag avec mini goodies ($120 worth)!
This may be perfect because I'm looking into their cream foundation and blushes.
You know, I used to think Clinique wasn't such a good brand when I was around 9 or 10 'cause my mom would always come home with these little free samples and it made me think that it was cheap or that it wasn't getting enough business so they were giving these away.

I'm still dreaming about you, my LV Epi Clutch...
Can ya name the song and singer of my title?


Nat said...

hmm. before you go all out and start dreaming of more purchases.. how was the job hunt yesterday?? :P the first two dresses are nice but i reallly dont think worth it. the second one is nice too but i think having some sort of waist would look better :S why dont you wear the dkny grey thing?? i want to seee!! i think it would look fine :D is it as tight as the AA one? i've tried the aa one.. tiiiight haha.

dims and i went shopping today. and WOW ALL the clothes we bought were for HIM! 160$~ on him. h&m - blazer (70), underwear, socks, and flops (only 8!!) and mavi jeans (we got them for 58 instead of 88 coz we knew the guy working :D so awesome ) we spent like two or three hours in h&m hahaha. how sad... i mean.. devoted..

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