Monday, May 26, 2008


I finally got around to watching the last episode of Alex and ShinAe on We Got Married. Ohhh it was so SAD! I couldn't help but tear up when Alex sang ShinAe this song, just before he was going to tell her that he's not going to be continuing with this program anymore so he could concentrate on his solo career (HIS ALBUM SHOULD BE OUT IN JUNE and I'm SO buying it) .... they were so cute together - my favourite couple like I've said before. Alex is so great. It took them 6,7 weeks to hold hands 'cause ShinAe was so shy. Awww. So yea.. I was really sad. I got shivers and goosebumps from this song. I think it's a Loveholic song. I love this song. I love Alex's voice... and him overall.
Alex - Flowerpot
Man... Koreans and their "flashbacks down memory lane" are so powerful.

Crown J (the J stands for Jewel) and Seo In Young is another couple on We Got Married xept from what I've seen, they're always bickering so it's not too fun to watch. Anyway, they're both singers. Crown J (who lived in the States for 12 years... haha just found out he's from NY... no wonder.. he has such a gangsta accent "yaknow what I mean bro?") is considered the sexiest rapper in Korea, and Seo In Young... I don't remember haha I used to LOVE her song and MV for Stay In Me.. 'cause she looked so pretty!! But she looks and acts so different in the show than her image in that video.
Anyway, they have a song together that's pretty good!
Crown J - Too Much (Feat. Seo In Young) **
I should look up more stuff from Crown J. He's not too good looking to me, but "he taaaalented duuude".
And a bit old -- stats:
Real Name: Kim Kye Hoon
English Name: Kevin
Birthday: November 12, 1979
He's got 2 albums out and debuted in 2006.
WOW I'm very impressed!! His songs are really good!!
I think he could very well be the best rapper in Korea... but Drunken Tiger is really good too.
Check him out:
The King Iz Back
w/ MC Mong - The Winner

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