Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shopping Spree Day #1

Today was a crazy shopping day for B and I.

We both woke up before my alarm was supposed to go off at 8:30AM, showered, and ate at Mel's Diner (over 60 years old). Then we went shopping at the Hollywood and Highland Center (AA, H&M, Forever21, Victoria's Secret etc.) and bought a lot - I bought 5 pairs of underwear (Nad you'll be proud!), 3 dresses, a skirt, a scarf, 2 sets of bangles, and a headwrap. After dropping our stuff off at our hotel, we took the #217 bus to The Grove and The Farmer's Market where we walked around... B bought a wristlet from Coach, we bought some Bath and Body Works creams, lotions, and body washes, and both bought a ton of stuff (me, 2 pairs of shorts, hoodie, and exchanged sweat capris) at A&F. Then we ate the biggest meal ever at The Cheesecake Factory... they should just take over Canada man.. replace all the Earls, Joeys, Red Robins, Milestones, Cactus Clubs with this restaurant. MMM the best! I had the Santa Fe salad (which was excellent and HUGE huge) and B satisfied her steak craving with an extremely delish rare steak and mashed potatoes (WOW that was good) and we shared a guacamole and salsa appetizer... we ended up taking 3/4 of each of our entrees home (breakfast tomorrow). And to think we wanted cheesecake!

Hope the weather at home cleared up since yesterday! Sunshine and warmth (and the fact I can wear dresses and shorts) is making us VERY happy.

Tomorrow is Santa Monica (beach + a couple tourist places).


Nat said...

AHHHHHHH you make me more and more and more jealous by the second hahahaha. THREE DRESSES??? eeek. so jealous.

i am proud - undies are cheap there eh?!

huh i thought cheesecake factory uh.. only served cheesecake :P shows how much i know. you have enough $?! seems like already over your $200 u said u had to spend there :P ur mom was telling me of ur money "woes" as she drove me to bdmn today. hehe job hunting for sure soon :P

sunshine and warmth is nice.. i just need to fix my legs, super unhappy with them coz shaving them has made them really bumpy and speckled!

N said...

haha underwear wasn't THAT cheap - 5 for $25 @ VS

Noo this trip is gonna set me back a few hundred. I'm gonna be in debt for this haha - that's why I'll need a job.

Aww there are a lot of ways to fix your legs but I don't really pay attention... do you use shaving cream? Exfoliate?

The F21 near our hotel has pretty much everything you see online. I saw the black pencil skirt but the material wasn't as nice as online.

Nat said...

nooo get underwear at f21! so much cheaper = ='' lol

yeah, i'd still hesitate to ask u to buy me anything at f21 coz it's so hard to say what size, and even if it'd look good. oooh well i will survive :P

yeah i exfoliate.. i guess not enough. u know how lazy i am :D