Thursday, May 15, 2008

Santa Monica

Darn I wish I brought my camera USB cord so I can upload pictures. We went to Santa Monica today! Well, in the morning we woke up, I ate the rest of my Santa Fe salad, and then we went to Forever 21 to exchange my yellow and white dress... but I ended up getting another dress (that's more for fall) and 2 tanks...
Then we got our day bus pass ($5) - which is a LOT more handy than just buying $1.25 for every ride... it annoyed me 'cause you can't even get off and get on... you don't get any transfer tickets!
The ride to Santa Monica was almost 1:15 hours! On the way we had to transfer buses twice and stopped at Walgreens and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (which, from my first impression, isn't as good as Starbucks.. I had an Ultimate Mocha Ice Blend (it's ultimate 'cause it's made with chocolate-covered coffee beans... that they didn't blend too well).
Passed Beverly Hills with all those picturesque palm-tree lined streets.
Santa Monica was beautiful! And very VERY clean too. It reminded B and I a lot like Kerrisdale - the richness and the cleanliness. The beach, which wasn't crowded at all, was right next to a very small and colourful amusement park on the pier. it was quite the long walk on the sand to get near the water haha - it seemed long 'cause the sand was warm-hot and we walked slowly 'cause we kept sinking in. It was like we were in a desert and we were trying to get to the oasis. We spent a couple hours on the beach just relaxing. The water was the perfect temperature but we didn't swim in it - just dipped our legs in. The rays were really strong though - thank goodness I put some sunscreen on.
Then we walked a few blocks up to the 3rd Street Promenade which is like Robson Street (similar shops). I only bought at top from Club Monaco... there was another Forever 21 that had more accessories than the one near our hotel but the lineups were way too long for the fun sunglasses I wanted to buy haha
B was quite excited to see the Lululemon haha but the prices are pretty much the same. Tax here is 8.25%.
Since my salad was so huge, I didn't eat again until dinner. We had take-out at The California Pizza Kitchen near the hotel. Yumm Chipolte Chicken Pizza and some sort of Barley Carrot something soup. We took showers and now we're waiting for B's friend from Texas to arrive. She should be here any minute now!
K-town tomorrow yay!!

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Nat said...

i just entered another bunch of contests.. hehe dose has another rockstar hotel in toronto!! this one sounds better - more swag!! and there's this really big one from alliance films and et canada - >> contests >> sex& the city contest.

sounds like you're having a blast down there!!! much more exciting than me - i havnet stepped foot out of my house for the past ...four? days .. lol. well, other than to get my mail, newspaper, and take out the garbage :D i made chicken salad sandwiches, gona have a picnic w/ dims tm. there's a heat wave going on here! but it will only last like.. today (fri), sat, and sunday. sucks.. i have to work tm = ='' boo.