Friday, May 16, 2008


Today wasssss Korea Town!
This morning we went to Shelly's Cafe and I got an apple croissant. Then we (Jody, B, and I) went to check out K-town in Wilshire. Got the day bus pass again and today was the first day we rode the Metro Rail (which is like the subway). It's very empty and pretty clean - the stations anyway.
It was HOT HOT HOT today!! 101+ degrees... wow I haven't felt this heat since the hottest day we were outside in Taiwan I think... the day B got quite burned. Poor her she's got too much sun today too.
Anyway, K-town was quite interesting - not really what I imagined. I imagined it to be teeming with Koreans... maybe they're all stalking the stars at the airport or something lol 'cause I hardly saw any our age. We picked up our Hollywood Bowl tickets at the Korea Times office and got a couple of posters. The plazas in Korea Town are a lot like Aberdeen and Parker Place... I saw this great leather belt and thought it was $20 but it was actually $320 lol
They have a lot of cosmetics places so I bought quite a few - things that are much cheaper than in actual stores in Vancouver or even Costco. Some have no tax too!
We ate lunch at BCD Tofu House which is a well known small chain that's open 24 hours. All 3 of us shared this combo that's meant for 1 person -- bibimbap, soondoobu (really good tofu hot pot), tons of appies... and we were so full after! I can't believe that's for 1 person... amazing. I knew it already, but portions are really huge compared to Canada. I wonder what fine dining is like down here lol
Bern is taking a nap right now. We're going to go out for dinner soon and possibly clubbing tonight depending on how tired B's Sacramento friends are (they're driving down right now).
Tomorrow is THE Korean Music Festival! I can't believe it's almost here. There have been a couple celebrity sightings around town (Minwoo and Brian Joo from Fly To The Sky). I think DBSK is arriving today.
Ah yes - they arrive this morning!

Oops - forgot to post this yesterday.

We didn't end up going to clubbing 'cause the ppl we were planning to go w/ arrived late from Sacramento + apparently it's not recommended to take the bus at 1:30AM and taxis were too expensive.

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