Sunday, May 11, 2008

Style Direction

I've found this wonderfully exciting new fashion blog - I can't believe I've never come across it before! Fashion Toast - this half Japanese, half Scottish-Dutch decently atypical California girl that seems to live by (my new fav.) Karl Lagerfeld's quote, "Go either very cheap or very expensive. It's the middle ground that is fashion nowhere." and posts pics of her own outfits and things she loves.
I aspire to have a blog (and clothes!) like hers before I'm 25.
Hmm these pics don't do her style justice. I just picked these b/c they have pieces I'd love to incorporate into mine.

This is my favourite outfit of hers -- LOVE the toque (from Zara) and just the whole picture in general.
I love how the forest green top fits on her w/ the high waisted shorts.
Love vintage floral prints.
All her Marc Jacob, Balenciaga (she has 3!), and Chanel bags are authentics. She has the money from buying inexpensive clothes.
That navy blazer is one of her "investment" pieces - from Ralph Lauren.
If I were to own a Balenciaga, I'd want one in this colour.
Lusting the vintage Chanel.
OK I would have sworn I'd never ever own a fur coat but this one is so luxe and gorgeous I just feel like I have to have it (or something similar). Of course I'd do faux, but we have 2 real fur coats (from my mom's biological mom) that I can have tailored into coats like these...
Loooving the fur coat (esp. the collar!) on the left.
OMG so excited... and Summer hasn't even begun... but I have a feeling PETA might come after me with a machete...

Also found this delish Vintage blog (that is, for vintage lovers solamente (only)).
Liebemarlene Vintage.
Here's an example. She sells vintage on Ebay.
Click to enlarge.
And some random sites
Nicole Richie - I'm really loving this whole shrunken leather blazer idea, but it's not something I'd wear.

Warm up.
Flow and cinched waist
An origami-style coat.
Orange dress (that makes her look short unfortch, but nice idea). I'm lusting over that slouchy cardigan though.
Looks comfy... and it'd be perfect to wear w/ my summer dresses when it's a bit chilly.
The skirt

I want that ruffled sleeveless!
Omo! Vintage oversized (and soo versatile!) clutch!! This needs to be in my closet.
Is this poppy-coloured? I love it.
This might look like a big mis-matched style mess but I have direction now in that I know what I like and don't like. I've been "lost" for too long. Hopefully this will help me with my wishywashy clothes-buyingness.

Btw, these are the shoes I bought @ Winners.
The Nine West [$60] I want to keep butttt I'm torn - I don't really think my wallet can afford to.... but I don't know.. I don't have any of these types and when can I find it this cheap??
Liz Claiborne Navy Patent Slingbacks [$50]. These are the ones the hairdresser said I look too young to wear. But they're really comfortable. I wish they had a closed heel though.. I'd keep them for sure.
BTW - did you know Liz Claiborne's flagships include Mexx, Juicy Couture, Kate Spade and Lucky Brand Jeans?!?!
The $36 BCBGirls Satin T-strap Chunky Heels I'm keeping 'cause I love looking at them. I have no idea where I'm going to wear them.. perhaps the next dinner. I need more black tie events to go to.
What do you think? Should I keep the Nine West ones?

Happy Mother's Day to my Mommy!
Nad helped my my brother and I take pictures of ourselves last Thursday (much appreciated!!!). We don't have very many pictures together and one aunt always compiles family pictures (since the kiddies have so many) for my grandparent's birthdays and such.. and yea we don't have any really. Plus, I went to my mom's work and her office and the pictures of us are in cheap, plastic frames. Shows how much she loves us eh ;) hahaha j/k. Butchea. I haven't found a frame yet but I'll show her the pictures tomorrow. Poor her though - she's sick in bed with some sort of food poisoning/stomach flu I'm guessing. We were going to make her this baked something tmr morning but we're not sure if she can eat it now... Maybe we'll celebrate Mother's Day another day. Got dinner @ Uncle George's.

2 days 'til LA!


Sarah said...

Hi Natasha!
I love reading your blog ^_^ -- especially the fashion-related posts! I like to browse through blogs of people posting up selective things they see in other blogs -- I just don't have the time to scour many style/fashion websites and forums >_<

I actually came across across your blog after trying to google up BANC hoodies. I managed to snag one from a soompi survey not too long ago + the quality is very good... + it's soooo warm!

I notice that we have a couple of things in common: a love for korean entertainment (esp. kpop!), completion of university (I'm doing geography minor at UToronto... formerly a major, but I need to beef up my professional programs applications with more science courses lol). Common ground makes reading blogs of people in my age group fun !

I'm looking forward to reading more from your blog!

+ have fun in LA!! I trust you'll take pictures!

N said...

Hi Sarah! Very nice to meet you and I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog =D
I promise you many many more fashion posts haha

Wow you're so lucky to get a BANC hoodie! What does yours look like? That's really great to hear that the quality is good - makes me want one even more now! I missed the chance to ask this Korean guy downtown where he got his from. He was wearing the baby pink one that Seung Ri + Gdragron wore. I bet he thought my friend and I were checking him out even though we were just in awe with his hoodie lol

What do you hope to do after you graduate? Which Kgroups/celebrities are your favourite?

N said...

Btw, I just checked out your blog -- I just bought a couple of those AA Shiny headbands a couple weeks ago! Love themm they're so cute.

You know what - you should buy AA stuff on Ebay! They're so much cheaper that in store but of course they don't have everything. My favourite seller is Kgs4 and I'm hoping to get a few super comfy tri-blend items soon!

Nat said...

wow the fashion toast girl spends .. a looot of time on her blog :P i wonder how she takes her pictures..tripod i guess? anyway having a mix of fashion and other things is much more interesting i think :)

i like the first shoes the best!!! looks professional but still very stylish. haha wow i cant believe u found THREE pairs of shoes. i guess the suburbs is where it's at :P

tell me which pic she chooses! i am eager to know :D

time to clean up the mess that is my house..chores chores haha

N said...

Nad - Yep Fashion Toast has a tripod. Her boyfriend takes a lot of the pics for her I think.
I'm so glad I have fashion again - I was even getting bored of writing my posts.

I still don't have a frame for my mom but I asked her which one she liked the best and she couldn't choose - she liked them all very very much =D

Sarah said...

I got the same baby pink hoodie =) . The girl who did the survey on the hoodies managed to get wholesale price from .

I tend to follow the popular kpop groups and artists =D . SuJu/T/M/KRY, Big Bang, F.T. Island, SNSD, Sung Si Kyung, SS501... starting to take notice of A'st1

As for plans after I convocate... I hope to get into a teacher's college here in Ontario :D . Just another year to go >_< ""