Monday, February 18, 2008

O Mio

I actually put this post together a few weeks ago and forgot to post it! haha

There's this site called Bag Borrow Or Steal where you can rent 100% authentic designer goods for a week, month, or however long you want for a fraction of the original price. They have all the newest bags and the site tells you all the details of the bag or whatnot like the quality, size, how long they've had it for, etc. Unfortch, you'd have to sign up for the item waaay in advance because there are huge wait lists for the popular ones. People borrow these items for special events like a banquet or New York Fashion Week.

Remember the Gucci 'Starlight' Metal Frame Evening Bag I mentioned in a previous blog? For non-members, it's $98/week to borrow. For members, it's $66!
Gucci 'Queen' Medium Hobo [$107/week]
Chanel Vintage 2.55 Quilted Bag [$178/week]-- I like this bag a lot but there are so many fakes out there, I don't want mine mistaken for one... and seriously, every girl and her dog has one.
Chanel Black Leather Small Tote
Chanel Engraved Gold Bracelet [$46/week]
I don't like Juicy Couture velour track suits, but I thought this combo looked really cute for the summer... to play tennis in! hahaha It also comes in white. The zipup is [$128] and I believe the shorts are [$78].
Winter Sale: Foley + Corinna Silk Jersey Cocktail Dress [Orig. $473/Sale $235.60]
It also comes in this really gorgeous red colour.
Joie Scarlet Begonias Blouse [$176]
Charlotte Ronson Mini Peg Dress [$148] I just thought this would be comfy to wear... wow is this thing popular! I've seen it on so many sites including that Japanese site from my previous post. There's a v. similar one on Forever 21 for only $30.
Juicy Chain Stackable Bangles [$82]
BBon-J Tassle Tank Dress with Sash [$72]
So cute. It's just the purple dress I think... Not the yellow + black long tube dress underneath.
YAH - Shirring Leather Shoulder Bag [$78]
Envy Look Lace Trimmed Romper Dress [$78]
I like the material and how the dress drapes over with a bit of weight to it.
Wow this screams Japanese to me.
My Fashion - Japanese Cable Knit Yorke Drawstring Dress (Alpha Style) [$85]
I can imagine a Japanese hairdresser wearing this.

Chunzane# Turtleneck Muffler [$42]
haha I thought this was pretty funny how it's already wrapped for you! you just have to slip it over your head and you have a toasty neck. Keeps it from unraveling.
I thought this top would be perfect for a well-dressed ajumma! V. pretty - also comes in yellow. It's by Ribbone and it comes in a set with the I-don't-know-what-they-were-thinking-of-the-colour-or-material pencil skirt
Ah.. messy random-branded material blog. Gomenasai.

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