Friday, February 22, 2008

"I'm Transforming But I Don't Wanna Be A Transformer"

My title relates to this guy who was obviously high (b/c he said so himself)... he was on his cell phone on the skytrain and was talking about how he's changing his smoking habits for his girlfriend or something. I thought it was quite amusing at that time.

Full day today! Chocolate-hyperness is wearing off.......
School in the morning - finally handed in my essay (yay!)
Headed home after school and showered and M picked B and me up to eat at a little restaurant called Green Basil across from Metro for dinner (darn I just realized I forgot to take pictures of the food!!.. or just pictures in general there!) with D and RS for B's semi-bday dinner. We had green curry w/ chicken (my choice yum!), pineapple fried rice, some Thai lettuce wrap (I do prefer Chinese lettuce wrap more), and some noodle thingy. For dessert we had green tea ice cream + a deep fried banana w/ vanilla ice cream. Then we walked around Metro for a bit and ended up at CHQ (my 1st time there) where Diana took the most unflattering pictures of everyone. For your amusement, here's a collection of just some of my v. unflattering shots.
Now I remember why I keep my hair down all the time. What a brutal reminder of all the exercise I need to keep up too...
Anyway, arcade games are fun. I played an exhilarating drum game w/ B and totally won the first racing game (against the machine) I've played since Playdium existed.
Theeen we went to watch 27 Dresses @ the 10PM showing. It's the one w/ Katherine Heigl (Grey's Anatomy) who looked quite pretty most of the time. Cute movie with some funny lines. I quite like these types of chick flicks so I enjoyed myself. There was only about 10 other people in the theatre too yay
Aw, lack of decent pictures to show you, but here's a super cute pic of B and D!
Then I became sang, skipped and hopped my way home (literally). Fun!

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