Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Just Poked Myself In The Eye...

I wasn't even going to blog today until I saw the new stuff on AA's US site.
Darn it. Make these available in CANADA!!

NEW: Unisex Big T-shirt. That's what it is. A big tee for $26USD. Cute concept. I wonder if it'll be too short - they seem to make everything for a 5'4-5'5 height (for girls anyway).
They're a bit lacking in the colours - I would like this in a Sea Blue.
But there's always the Sheer Rib Short Sleeve Tunique [$36] for that.
Actually, I think I like this one better 'cause of the neck and it's longer. We'll see.
Last of all is the Le Sac dress [$32].
Remember the bandeau dress that you can wear a trillion different ways? (To be honest I have it in black and I love it, but I've only worn it once since I bought it on boxing day... and I wore it as a top!!) Well the geniuses behind AA came out with this dress that's also pretty darn versatile.
You can even choose your own strap colours!!!! OH WOW I'M SO EXCITED!!!
I've always loved bow-tie shoulders!
I wish I invented this look! I may steal it.Very daringly low cut.I'm definitely getting this soon (after my buy-tox) but I cannot decide what colour! Slate... black... I love the gold and black combo but I don't have a slate dress. White is most probably see-through... It's also available in raspberry (which can also be cute but not many strap colours to go with), navy (I have a few navy dresses already), and purple (above - doesn't suit me).
I feel I can make this 'cause it's just a big drape. Whatever dress colour I get, I want a purple, gold, light pink, yellow, sangria, and olive.... and lame black.

Loooove. Hm so am I going down to Seattle anytime soon? I think I'm going in a couple weeks... ah!

Oh quick note: I acted as boss for the 2 newbies (as of this week) today for the 2nd half of work. Definitely my type of thing. I loved it. Interesting 2 too -- one, I remember her coming in - she handed in her resume on a bike and said "hire me! I'm awesome.". She has 3 tattoos on her arm that she got pretty sporadically (so it seems) and don't really mean much. The other one is originally from Toronto but he's lived in Germany for a while and is now fluent in German and just started living in Vancouver and loves it here (who doesn't?).


Nat said...

i cant believe u've barely worn that dress! i LOVE it! (thanks so much for getting it for me hehe) i've worn it let's see.. NY Opera.. Junos... Shannon's thing....yup! at least 3 times and i plan to wear it many more times! i'm not too fond of the new one, though the versatility is greaty. it's too drapy for me.

yeah the oversized tees... kinda harsh paying 26-36 for an oversized tee :( money better spent on the other dress.
do u like this dress?? dims rather likes it, i dont. i think it's too much of a bag... so shapeless = ='' i said if u belt it it might look better, he thinks it would make it worse. settle our argument plz :D

N said...

hah I'll use the dress more! I just have so many dresses!!

That tube dress is alright. It looks like what it is - a tube. I wouldn't wear it by itself unless it's with a lot of layering jewelry and only for clubbing... or by itself but layer it w/ a long cardigan and leggings + a belt or something. Just not by itself. Thing w/ those tubes is that you can't wear it bra-less + if you do and if you're not very busty (ie. me) it will cut on the shape of the top of the bra and show and yea.. doesn't work for me. But yes - to settle your argument (lol), I do agree w/ you that between nothing and a belt, a belt is the way to go.