Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Happy Canada Day! I'm wearing my AA red and white interlock shorts for the occasion. Came back a while ago from Cousin Erin and Kyle's 6th and 3rd birthday at their house and finally got to go up their treehouse my Uncle Albert built. Couldn't go swimming with them 'cause I sort of don't have a bathing suit bottom anymore -- where did it go?? so I went about 4 steps down from the shallow end. Such a nice day - especially in the shade. All I need is one of those swings and I would have been in paradise.

Went out on the road with my dad today for some practice. Driving the hunk of a Volvo is quite different from the... Mitsubishi or Corolla I drive with the instructor. Everything is just easier on the Volvo from turning, breaking... and the speed stays constant whereas for the instructor's car, it's so easy to speed 'cause both pedals are so sensitive. Anyway, we just drove around for 30 min and then I drove to my grandma's house and visited her for about 30-45 min. She gave a bunch of veggies from her garden. 60 km is still turtle speed...

My Auntie Eliza is my go-to person for body products. She always has great hand soap in her house that always smell so wonderful. She was the one who had Bath and Body Works liquid soap at least 5 years before I even noticed it and since then, she has moved on to a variety of different soaps -- mostly organic. Her newest ones are DeepSteep: Clean, Pure, Natural: foaming soaps which has organic aloe vera and organic herbs and are also
*100% free of parabens
*100% chemical preservative free
*100% Vegan...safe for you and the planet
*Always Cruelty Free
I tried 2: Grapefruit + Bergamot and Tangerine Melon which were both so great smelling.
Their logo is a little duckie.

Finally sat down and chose my courses for the Fall semester. If all goes well, I'll be taking 2 Linguistics courses and 2 Geography courses and will be going to school 4 days a week (Mon-Thurs).

I seriously need a trip... yea I know I sound like I'm whining 'cause I mentioned this a couple times before but guhhh. The only trip I'm going on is to Victoria probably in 15 days or so and to Harrison Hot Springs in August with Auntie Eliza's family, my family, and my g'rents.

What I'm up to for the next week:
July 2: Work
July 3: Dinner
July 4: Driving lesson, Kung Fu Panda
July 5: Japn Dinner
July 6: Bak Moo's 80th Dinner
July 7: Most probably working
July 8: Working? Celebrities @ night

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