Monday, June 30, 2008


Whoa whoa whoa.... reality check on the scale man.... I've got to really cut out all this bakery sugar... which will be hard.. unless...

Today's work was quite enjoyable (esp. compared to last Thurs and Friday) even though I felt so sticky the whole time I was working. My goodness - the people you work with really do make the job. If I had to deal with Thurs and Friday's coworker, I would have walked off the job the first week. Ooops, too public?

Marc Andre Jourdan - Korean-French model who grew up in Germany.
2 more pictures: One // Two
To me, you can really tell that he's both European and Asian - like half and half.

I cannot get over how precious the kids on Jon and Kate Plus 8 are. If you've never watched the show on TLC, it's just about following the life of the Gosselin family in Pennsylvania. Jon (half welsh and half korean) and Kate have 2 fraternal twin girls, Cara and Mady (2000) who are 8 now, and sextuplets (2004): Alexis, Hannah, Aeden, Collin, Joel, Leah. Surprisingly, the kids look more Korean than caucasian even though they're only 1/4 Korean.
I love them all to pieces but Alexis (and Leah) has (have) really stolen my heart. Beautiful beautiful kids - Jon and Kate are such lucky parents. I'll feel so blessed if my kids turn out to be half of who they are.
Someone posted clips from the individual kids days - where the Jon and Kate, the parents, take each kid out to have their own special day. I only caught Cara's re-run where the parents bought her rollerblades and took her to a roller rink to practice. She picked it up really quickly.
Part 1
The other parts - must see! They're the cutest things ever.

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hehehe! You saw the soompi thread on Marc Jourdan too! :)