Sunday, June 29, 2008


Currently reading: The Rape of Nanking

Tired of working Sundays so I took the day off. 'Switched shifts' w/ coworker for tomorrow so I'm working Monday and Wed. The heat is nice but it makes me not want to do anything quickly. So glad I finally got to sit down and start reading! I also froze some grapes, which, if you haven't tried, is a super refreshing snack!

American Apparel finally came out with their Unisex Pinpoint Oxford Button-Up Shirt. It's a bit pricey at $62. I wish they made it in white, but this Oxford Blue looks good for guys. Also available in Oxford Grey.
Pursebuzz (mentioned in past post) posted a 2-part clip with Eve Pearl (celebrity make-up artist) on how to apply False Lashes naturally. I enjoyed watching this and there's a few useful tips there! I shall try these tips the next time.
Part 1
Part 2
She looks beautiful! I really want to learn how to contour. I need a good blush brush.
Sooo I checked out Eve Pearl's website and was happy to see that she doesn't have an overwhelming amount of items for sale which is so much easier for me to choose. It seems like she has a few key palettes anyone can wear. Skilled lady. She believes in plastic surgery without the surgery.

Blush Trio Sweet Cheeks (Light Blush) [$36]
Blush Trio: 3 Radiant Blush Shades: Peachy-pinky + bronzer
  • Trio of 2 Matte colors: Peachy + Pinky with a light illuminating Bronzer for gorgeous effects.

  • The rich textured formula blends perfectly on your skin for long lasting wear.

  • The 3 cheek color combination is versatile for every day natural looking cheeks or those dramatic hot steamy nights.

Craigslist: man.. if I ever had to dress up as Little Bo Peep, I'd want this Betsey Johnson dress! Actually, I want it just to look at. Maybe I can justify -- next year's Hallowe'en costume. Expensive costume.

Who wants to watch Kung Fu Panda with me??

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