Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I can't believe it's Sunday again already! These weeks are flying by so quickly... soon my L will expire. Actually, I'm fiiiinally getting on that and am starting driving lessons on Wednesday! Hopefully I won't need too many 'cause they ain't cheap, but whatever Trevor.

omgoodness... talk about lazy! My brother just called my cell from downstairs to ask if I wanted my dad to make me any salad.

Let's see... on Friday I went to Playland for Family Night w/ B, Hewitt, and Crystal compliments of D. I'm becoming a grandma yaaaa... I get too dizzy on spinny-type rides now. I can only do things you ride forward in like roller coasters.... not things that go in circles. The Coaster (which is celebrating its 50th anniversary) is still my favourite. We got our free food + drinks + I played a very pathetic horse racing game... and then since D was working at Skeeball, she let us play a multitude of freebies. Our 338 tickets got B and I a dinosaur squeeze bath toy I'm gonna give to my 2nd cousin + some plastic cheapness like a parachute Joe for me. Hurray!
Yesterday I had Korean class + then M and I went to some congee house on Broadway. Then at night, M, D, Jess, and I went to Richmond to eat Korean at Jang Mo Jib (J was there ;) + I love lemon soju now... love love love - it's pretty much right up there with Sangria and champagne) + sing + dance our hearts out at Zodiac. Noraebangs (Karaoke rooms) are such great places to just let loose.... and I guess it sort of helped that this place served alcohol. I had lots and lots of fun haha
With Jess -- Chipmunk says peace... peace offering for the hot pot.
Outside w/ the naked lady mural.
The deadly drinks that got them both to their happy place pretty quick.
I was a horrible photographer that night haha

This morning I was so tired I really didn't want to go to work but forced myself to. It's Father's Day for goodness sakes! Work flew by rather quickly today surprisingly... even though I felt quite crappy... this lady had a super nice Juicy Couture bag I've never seen before. She says it's from the Fall 2007 collection and that they're still selling it somewhere on Granville... gotta check it out man.. but she says it cost her 7...

I can't find it online.

I wanna go to a fabric store so badly!
Sew/Drive/Re-do room/Read/Shop

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