Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I had my first official driving lesson. It was great! I don't think I'll be ready for when my L expires though (around July 24th). Oh well. I went around Vancouver -- didn't really pay attention to the street names, but all v. familiar places. Pretty exciting stuff. I have a heavy foot (I'm used to the Volvo lol) and well, I'm just not known to be all delicate and stuff.. + 55-60km/h is too slow...

Did a shop w/ M at Costco + Superstore for groceries and then hung out w/ Ryan (Sushi Garden (I like!) + Metro) to shop. Real nice catching up! My first time looking solely for men's clothing. It's fun! (Especially when there's disposable money to spend).

New York is getting their first US store -- flagship for TopShop -- a UK (London) brand which means UK clothes like a classic pair of Dr. Martens... and where "vests" means sleeveless tops (tank tops) and "waistcoats" are vests. Kate Moss has her own line as a subsection (which is full of stuff that don't look good on its own but when she wears them, it looks so stylish). It's similar to Forever21 xept it's a bit more pricey. Currency converter: 1 pound = $2CDN.

Here's a few things that caught my eye:
Nad, I think you'd look really good in this dress!
So cute! But much nicer on girls w/ boyish cuts.
OK so nothing exciting.... nevermind.

I want a vintage floral dress/shirt! So many out there yet so hard to find...
Rumi from Fashion Toast did a mini photoshoot. I am very much in love with this dress and swingpack! They're both items from her Treasure Chest shop. Darrnnn too late. It's perfect though!

Whoawhoawhoa OMOOMOOMO Look at Daniel Henney's new look for Elle Korea July 2008 (courtesy of Soompi)...

lol I just had to add this one - it makes me laugh everytime.NOW

I think he looks great - more mature and whatnot but he suits the look. Love the hairr! Even the 'stache is likeable for me - very Johnny Depp-esque.

Here's an interesting article from TIME magazine called "Kwest For Kawaii" - about Japanese fashion + the word Kawaii ^.^ (oh goodness). It's from 2001 though, but I doubt much has changed (except for the rapid-fire style, I mean). I want to go to Japan so BADLY!

Oh wow.. Miley Cyrus is gonna be the host for the 2008 Teen Choice Awards.

Yea, I'll leave it at that.


Nat said...

wat! did you go on the roads and stuff?? i just went in the sfu parking lot w/ my dad the other night.. i was going 20 and it felt fast to me :P oh boy. yeah you cant book a test until like.. september = ='' so most likely wont be able to get it before expiration. ugh.. i reaaaally dont want to drive, it's such a pain. i duno, to me there's so much work involved for.. wat?? = ='' SIGH. (yeaah u kno im lazy)

so, hm, why me that dress? though it does look super pretty. IF i were to get more dresses, i definitely would need to look at NON black ones. all the ones i have are BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK except for the rw&co one which isnt really light and summery. anyway.. yes...hmm 45pounds = 90$... yowzers. i actually feel poor..cant wait til next paycheck. but i am really considering buying a new computer so...........should save up on that too. sighhhhhhhh. i was at metro today too!! from like.. 4-5:30ish? just by myself.. checking out some sales, but all i got were veet wax strips... figured it is cheaper than going to salon, even london hair school. i'll tell u how it goes :(

OKAY SO TIRED goodnight

Nat said...

btw the look change is nice on that guy... much grittier photos. the mustache i dont enjoy (isnt it spelled moustache??? the spell check on here says no..) but it's wat makes him more different and unique......

N said...

Yea! Of course i went on the roads =D
I was told to slow down many many times :( Kept going over 60... I know it's too bad we can't book until late. My instructor told me October even! That's ok - more practice I guess. It is really fun though. And I now see how it's better to go w/ an instructor instead of someone else 'cause they're quite thorough and really know all the rules.

I don't know why that dress really - maybe I subconsciously feel you need more summery easy flowy dresses like those and another thing is that I instantly thought of you when i saw it. Seems very you in dress-form.

N said...

Veet wax strips? Did you finish the eyebrow ones we got from Mavi? Yes.. tell me how that goes... I bought this little gadget from Soompi - I don't remember if I told you but I'll also tell you how that goes (I was gonna buy you one but I thought you already had the one Dims bought you + I think you'd think it hurt too much.. but now that you've bought the strips, I should have bought you one too! They're cheap).

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