Thursday, June 19, 2008


8 hours of warehouse work today. My goodness - I've officially crossed out retail (clothes-wise) as floor staff off my list of jobs. Cashier is different, ordering ppl around is different. Putting back clothes is horrible - ok I admit I'm being a bit of a drama queen 'cause it really wasn't that bad... just nothing I can stand for more than a few days at a time... and watching customers, trying to catch if they steal or anything? Pshh.. when I go into a store, I instinctively start shopping! So that's what I did today - shopped for myself (secretly.. I pretended to straighten clothes) + put away clothes. I ended up getting a pair of Tension yoga wide-legged pants (very comfy!!) + a navy and white dress. Butchea... not my thing... I need constant customer interaction, not just whenever they decide to ask me something.
2 more days. I hope some more dresses come out from the stock room.

OK tomorrow I need to call work to see what my schedule is like for next week and ... so tired.. all my words are coming out in the wrong order.

Han Hyo Joo - I've heard of her but I don't know what she does. She looks nice.
Random pics I had in my main photo file:
Real nice coats -- I've wanted Jenny Humphrey (Gossip Girl, centre)'s coat for a long time now! A nice blue trench.
I don't remember why I saved this picture... oh yea - I called it "Rockin' outfit w/ a cast"
Oyasuminasai! I need a "me" day soon to catch up on reading and languages!

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