Friday, November 7, 2008

A Friday

I've been seeing a few girl customers with long, healthy hair at work. I'd like to start taking better care of my hair with deep conditioning treatments and hair masques.. and of course keep eating my veggies.. let's see if they work! Today I had quite the baaaaad hair day. It looked so dry and frizzy b/c of the rain.

Anyway, recently I've been wondering how much immaturity I can take before I call it quits. I guess some people have to test the limits or else I'll never know. Sometimes it's just not worth it - gotta let go of things that are nice to have that makes life easier and more fun, but something you just don't need.
Always striving to be the bigger person.

Work was interesting in a lot of different ways today.

Long day... I haven't been home since I left for class at 8:30AM. Went downtown afterwards for shopping and library research.... got a pair of boots from B2! I like them but I'm not too sure if they're keepers yet. Also got my 1st Lululemon item (only 'cause of a gift card) -- tight calf-length capris! And because my other thin-ankle-leggings from Target are waaay faded, I got a replacement from Aritzia. If I get (keep?) 1 pair of boots and a pair of ankle boots, my winter footwear-needs will be complete. Also had to buy a lint remover 'cause of a certain fuzzy thing I tried on.

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