Thursday, November 6, 2008


Someone from Soompi is doing a survey on Japanese-style clothes at wholesale prices. I'm really excited 'cause she's from Vancouver so I can save on a loooot of shipping. Some of the brands include Vivi (like the well-known magazine), Swordfish, Rastars, Barbie, Liz Lisa, and Cecil McBee.

Cecil McBee "trench coat" [$167CDN retail online; sold out]
Also comes in hot pink, bright purple, and gray.

School due dates...
- Cotton final Market Report due Wed, Nov 12
- Final Term Poster for Geog 312 - Tokyo due Friday, Nov 21
- Quiz #3 for Ling200 on Monday, Nov 24
- Final copy of YVR Institutional Profile due around Nov 19-Nov26
- World Resources Proposal (!!!!!no idea what to do! It's like I'm doing my Masters thesis!!!!!) due around Nov 26-28

Then I get 10 days of break before 4 exams:
Monday, Dec 8 - Ling 220 - 40%* 3:30-6:30PM
Wednesday, Dec 10 - Ling 200 - 40% 7-10PM
Thursday, Dec 11 - Geog 312 - 30% 12PM-3PM
Friday, Dec 12 - Geog 322 - 30%* 3:30-6:30PM
* = hardest

Not looking forward to the next few weeks at all...............

[big pout]

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Fashion Affairs said...

just wanted to stop by and say i absolutely love you blog! i have been following it forever! would you like to trade links?