Monday, November 3, 2008

London Wishes

Joie Dream Some Over the Knee Boot [$475]
A coworker has boots that look veeery similar to these. I think hers might be the Chinese Laundry Turbo ones but I'll have to find out. I wish these came in light gray! I didn't really want a suede boot b/c of Vancouver rain, but I must admit these seem like a good investment just 'cause they'd be so versatile in my wardrobe!
ShopBop actually has a section dedicated to over-the-knee boots! Here's another one.
farylrobin Ringo Over the Knee Strap Boot [$340]
Zipia has a new brand called JinHee in LONDON. My Auntie Eliza wants me to order the aviator-type sunnies I bought from my last Zipia order so I thought I'd order a couple of things for myself while I was at it. It's really expensive to order right now b/c of the exchange rate... with shipping from TO + exchange rate, it turns out to be $20-$30 extra per item!
I'm easily persuaded by interesting pictures... and photogenic models!
The colonial-style architecture in the background really attracted me -- I've ordered the light gray sweater the girl is wearing. Not too sure about the quality -- I know it's not thick, but is it dry-clean only? Acrylic-spinning material.. hope it doesn't ball up when I wash it!
And I ordered the chiffon floral-printed dress:
I'm actually taking a risk.. I barely fit the measurements lol! It's one size... and the girl modelling is so thin soooo lets hope this fits!
The pics I've chosen don't give the whole London vibe justice. Go to and log in with my gmail address + password: misspiggy to see more! If you want anything, let me know ASAP 'cause I think the girl is going to order reeeeeeeeeal soon. (Shipping + service fees = around $4-5USD [@1.3CDN=1USD] altogether for small items, $10-15 for medium-sized (tees), and $20-25 for large like coats + chunky sweaters)

I think everyone feels as though they need a vaca eh?


Nat said...

hmm. i wonder if over the knee boots are comfortable? they would probably look ridiculous on people with short legs (ie. me) haha

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