Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Count

How many Lexus's I saw: 3493433 (love!)
How many Escalade SUVs I saw: 3044222 (love!)
How many times we stepped into a mall: 24525 (yay!)
How many times we stepped into an A&F: 4?
How many Starbucks Iced Cafe Lattes I had: 3 (love!)
How many Starbucks Passionfruit Shaken Ice Tea Lemonades I had: 2
How many times we went to Longs Drugs to buy water/drinks: 6
How many times we ate at the Cheesecake Factory: 2 (love!)
At The Grove
B's really really yummy steak... wow yum.
My equally delish Santa Fe salad.

We shared this Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake at the location near Rodeo Drive.How many times we ate at the California Pizza Factory: 2
How many Pinkberry-type things we ate: 2 (so little la~)
Ah the Fro-Yo craze. There are actually many many different types of Pinkberry-type stores in LA such as ce fiore across the street near our hotel (which was pretty expensive), cantaloop 2 blocks away from us that we wanted to try but it was closed, pure naked Yogurt I never got to try),
Brew You in Ktown (the best deal 'cause you pay $1.50 for unlimited toppings - serve yourself),

and of course, Pinkberry which we tried at Central City (Westfield Center). Pinkberry was really sweet! Too sweet actually, for my liking.. it's like they loaded it w/ the sugar... I can't taste the whole healthy-pro-bioticness in them. Ah no wonder - I just checked - they use a powder base.
There's even a queue thingy for those oh-so-busy days.

The inside of Pinkberry was cute though. We sat on clear, plastic Louis-ghost-chair inspired chairs and everything looked so fresh and bubbly. The guy I ordered from said "Hi, welcome to Pinkberry. How may I help you today" to every customer... even when they JUST heard it from the person in front of them. And he knew that too lol - 'cause he kept on speeding up that line.

lol yea so as you can see, B and I basically stuffed our faces on this trip and you can totally tell just by looking at my face. At the end, we both agreed we wouldn't have a burger for a LONG time... and "white" food... and Mexican food lol and that we both really missed noodles (and dumplings for B). Back to much more healthy food (thank goodness!)

Je suis fatigue mannnnn... I'll continue this later.

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