Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bag Lusts

I've been pretty good with bags recently... I haven't bought any for a while (I think???)

But recently, I've been seeing some and my eyes go wide and I can't help but grin 'cause I finally have a new bag on my lust list.

My collection needs more colourful bags, more clutches, and more bags that are medium-sized. I have so many that are really oversized and a couple that are really small.

Remember this vintage clutch I loved?
I found something somewhat similar! Same material ahha
BCBG Max Azria Mesh Chain Clutch [$128 @ Bloomingdales or $158 in Canada] Flat two toned metal mesh clutch with drop-in chain link shoulder strap. Front flap hidden magnetic snap and top magnetic snap closures. Interior zip and additional pockets. Lined.
I looooved this when I saw it at Bloomingdales... carried it around the store.. took pictures of it... it's perfect to go with practically any dress-up AND even some non-dressy outfits! SO versatile.. it was so hard to put down... it fits so much.. AH I need a job just for this.

Not impressed with KensieGirl's collection at the mo... nor Kensie! How sad!!

Now how come Longchamp's Le Pliage line doesn't have yellow?! I want a yellow bag from them! A nice buttercup yellow, canary yellow, or light, Spring yellow... or even a mustard yellow!
I like the 820! The 540 is a bit too dull. They need nicer shades man... This isn't an official pictures I don't think 'cause some of these shades aren't available on the website.
Anyway, on Longchamp's website, you can even choose your own colours and hardware colour. If you have 2 colours, there'd be a thick stripe down the middle. I wouldn't mind that xept I can't seem to make a nice colour combo! The red is actually quite nice. Ooooo red....

I have a brand new, black, small Longchamp replica from Hong Kong that looks exactly like the 001 above. If any of you readers are from Vancouver and want it, I can sell you the bag for $15CDN firm (just for you readers).

Ever since Nad suggested I sell some clothes on Craigslist, I've been checking some of their stuff and oh nooo it's bad 'cause now I see so many things I want... like a $250 Bloomingdales gift card for $150... or this Louis Vuitton clutch that I'm drooling over... it's $250... (such a gorgeous colour!)

LV Monogram Vernis Bronze Mott Bag (w/ slingstrap) for $600 (reg. $1,025)Cuuute skirt, Fashion Toast.
Seems like everyone has those gladiators.
Love the light gray vintage envelope clutch.. and the whole outfit in general - I need to scout Value Vintage more for something similar. Wherever Liebemarlene lives, she's got such a great selection of vintage clothes!
Her again in a great slim fit blazer.

You can check out my Craigslist listings here - pictures included:
(Ahhh fonts are all weird)

Black GUESS Dress for sale!! Sz. M - $25


BRAND NEW American Apparel Unisex BLACK Short Sleeve DEEP V-neck Sz S - $11

2 White LAMPS for SALE! - $15[Currently Pending]

COACH Swingpack!! SOLD

2 BELTS!! Roxy Sz. M - $6

BANANA REPUBLIC Shirt Dress!! Sz. 6 - $40


Nat said...

people are buying???? GOOD JOB! man i should do that too hehe. but i dont have as nice stuff as u do, my stuff is all old, not sure anyone would want to buy. = ='' i'll have to do some digging see what i have :P

some of the stuff on craigslist is kind of sketchy.. i was looking at the listing last night, there are soooo many! i couldnt even see any of yours.

N said...

haha only 1 sale so far - butchea - a lady is gonna take a look at the trench tomorrow!

Yea - it seems like people only want high-end brand name stuff for cheap basically.. or things you can't really get here for that price. There ARE so many! I think you sort of have to use the search tool - sometimes I can't even see mine either.

Actually I wouldn't really recommend selling unless you have time - I didn't realize how long it took to post all these things!

And of course don't give out your address... I've had a couple ppl w/ e-mails like "badboyz" interested in buying something but wanting my address and number only. IGNORE!