Saturday, September 27, 2008

In Need Of Tea

I got my haircut yesterday @ Chura. I told her I wanted more volume around the side of my face so she pretty much half-ed my hair and cut the top layers short and kept my length (and then at the end I realized it was a lot like her haircut! lol) Spent a lot of time on it. Love the head massage as usual, and the tissue they put on my eyes smells good. Cut my bangs too -- actually she had everything at a perfect length and I loved it when she showed me the back and all, but then she said she wanted to cut it a bit shorter! I thought OK - she should know what she's doing... So eeeeverything was cut quite a bit shorter except for the length in the back so I sort of have a subtle mullet going on now lol! And my bangs are a bit more blunt + thicker now. They'll definitely look better in a couple weeks when they grow out. As for the colour, I've given up! The bottom of my hair will not dye anymore. I think that L'oreal homedye back in December killed it. So at the salon, the hairstylist and I chose a warm dark brown colour with a hint of red and violet "for shine". This guy coloured my hair -- he dyed the non-roots first and then like 25 min later, he dyed the roots. Anyway, conclusion = I think this haircut is very Japanese-like and would look great with extensions....... hehehe

Still looking for a 1.5 inch curling iron! I haven't done much research, but isn't there one that's popular and good like the Chi?

I forgot to mention, the other day I made a decently extensive + easy Budget spreadsheet using Excel! It's pretty cool, how everything connects... and my simple equations haha I'm proud of it lol It's gonna help me track every penny I spend!

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And here's a clip of DBSK performing one of the songs Junsu wrote lyrics for. It's called "More Than The Air I Breathe"
DBSK's 4th Album, Mirotic is out to download.... should I? Or can I wait another week for it to arrive on my doorstep? "The title MIROTIC was created from the Korean word "miro" (which means "maze") and the English suffix "-tic." It's intended to mean being warped into the depths of a labyrinth."
Apparently over 100 fans lined up to buy the CD this morning.
Wow I'm so prouddd. The charts online showed that they already sold 40K in tangible sales... and then there's the 300k pre-orders!
Weave weave weave between aisles
I saw their booklet pictures... wow. Here's a taste - it's similar to one I posted before.
I'm downloading the Wonder Girls 4th Project Trilogy! Nobody butchuu~~~ They have such a great niche and I love how they're marketed. In time in this album, they're reviving the 60's-70's with their Dream Girls theme! JYP (their producer and the guy who was on the toilet in their Nobody MV) is a genious!
Oh wow.. listening to their ballad version of Nobody. It's nice! There's really only 3 different songs on the album and many versions of each lol

Minwoo's Mrizing album photobook looks so fun! It makes me want to by the album JUST for these pictures.
He's such a good looking person and seems to have such a dorky, fun personality.

Rain is currently filming the MV for his 5th album. Can't wait, but what happened to his US debut?

Boo back to school work... distracted... I need re-paint my nails.

Oh yea - I'm parent-free for 2.5 weeks!

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