Sunday, September 28, 2008

No More Brr

Wow is this a DBSK week or what?

So I downloaded their album. It was interestingly more mature I must say! They say they don't want the "idol" image in Korea.
There are idols in South Korea and the United States, but there's a great difference between these countries and what fans determine as "idols". In the United States, a singer that can sing is an idol, in South Korea, those that can't sing are considered idols. - Junsu
This is a great performance of them singing Mirotic on Inkigayo in HQ earlier today (Sept 28, 2008)!! I can see Yoochun's untied shoelace! lol
Very well done!

And don't forget the equally great performance of Love In The Ice (Korean Version) that Changmin wrote the lyrics to!
I like Jaejoong's hair colour! Speaking of dye, it seems like my hair has turned a bit orange after the first wash. I'm going to wash again today and see what happens, but if it turns more orange, I'm going back to Chura this week (they have a 10 day satisfaction policy).

I feel like shopping at a Gilly Hicks store right now. States shopping!

And omg I want a cape!
Ringspun Croupier Sequin Bow Tuxedo Jacket [75 pounds]
Neat concept of the front - very disguising + thus flattering. Too bad the back is cropped!

Oh what a nice coat!! Mara Hoffman Shawl Collar Coat - Dramatically practical!! [$695]
Perfect length too
French Connection
McQ By Alexander McQueen Wool Military Pea Coat [415 pounds]
Ooo a great, warm coat!
Laundry - black poly shawl collar down [$153 on Bluefly]
Priorities - ivory double breasted 'Hallie' ¾ sleeve coat [$162 on Bluefly]
I like these little girl-style coats except I don't like the buttons or material.
Free People - Mist 'desert' coat [$89 on Bluefly]

The most gorgeous trench ever -- Burberry Beige Cotton Sateen Belted Trenchcoat [$1,036 @ Bluefly]
Gucci - black alpaca-wool double breasted belted coat [$2,760 on Bluefly]
How couture! Removable raccoon-fur (of Canadian origin!).Sorry for all the pictures -- I know as a blogger that it's annoying to have so many pictures per post but I got a bit carried away here haha
There's such a variety of coats on Bluefly! I highly encourage you to check them out. Designer pieces at discounted prices!
And hurray! I think I'm "done" studying for my Ling 220 quiz tomorrow... I have 2 hours to review. Now it's 12AM and I have to do my other assignment due tomorrow. Yikes!