Monday, September 29, 2008

Addicted to Matcha

F21 are still such copycats... when will they stop?
These are rip offs of high end designer shoes at, of course, a fraction of the price... and I love them.
Triple Strap Pump $22.80

Grosgrain Trim Pump $23.80
I can't remember the designer's name but I've seen this shoe many times at Holts. Very cute for Fall!
Adrea Satin Pump $19.80
Also available in black. Nice, classic shape - love the shape of the toe + the colour!

Today's Ling quiz went quite well! I don't think this day-of studying will really get me a decent mark for the next quiz though... but this is the only class I have a perfect record for -- handing in assignments and perfect attendance! Woot wooot. Now if only my other Ling course wasn't so hard... seriously that course is too difficult for an INTRO 200-level course!!

As for this project due Wed that I haven't started... well, I'm going to start after I post this. It's on cotton - "the most important renewable natural textile fiber worldwide and the world's sixth largest source of vegetable oil". INTERESTING eh?

M has been spoiling me like a kid who gets Christmas everyday! Today I got dinner, as I did on Saturday night, and rides! So grateful la~~
(I swear Posh is making me a bit more Asian lol)


Nat said...

oh i dooo loooove those shoooess... first ones! i dont think my legs are quite long enough to wear those kinds but..they're fun.

Natasha said...

Psh you can totally wear them!

Some bloggers are only 5'2 and they wear these all the time.