Monday, September 22, 2008

My Agenda Is Full Of Scribbles

Just downloaded Minwoo (M) - M RIZING. I want to see his full concert! This album is good! It's definitely different from typical Korean music... though his "Hot!" song has elements of Kayne's stronger in it lol.. that computer generated part. "The album title “M RIZING” is the name of the record label founded by Lee Minwoo, and will present a new leap in strong musical expression to the public." I think he's one of those born-to-be artists out there.

I miss Hollywood Bowl... wondering when they're gonna come out with that DVD! It's been 4 months!

Missed half the ep of Gossip Girl today, but the last half was super interesting!
And So You Think You Can Dance Canada... auditions in Vancouver today. I watched the first half - it was disappointing both in dance and personality compared to Toronto's!! Booooo.

Busy weeks ahead... here's a taste of this week:
Tues: Work, Dinner @ G-ma's + tons of reading
Wed: School until 6:20 + start project - 1st draft due next week
Thurs: School, gym, more project, read, 5:30 makeup appt @ Holts w/ B, Dinner w/ G'rents
Fri: School, gym?, hair appt @ 2, Posh 6-SC
Sat: Parents leaving, do Ling assignments, tons of reading, Posh 5-HC
Sun: No work! But studystudystudy for Ling 200 quiz next day + homework!
Mon (29th): Quiz + read + do market report!
Tues: Work, Din @ M's, finish market report!
Wed: Market report due, REST
Thurs: Back to normal I think... dinner w/ Helen + Linda.. start studying for 2 midterms next week. AH and the cycle just keeps going up and down.

Work and school = my life at the moment. It's sad 'cause I'm missing a lot of social events 'cause of work (working Fri, Sat, and Sun nights every week, can't really work less than that), but I enjoy work a lot at least!

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Melanie said...

hahaha! omgoodness to the stuck in the washroom concept! i guess they couldn't come up with anything else....but gotta love those upbeat WG songs!