Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2 More Weeks of Classes!

This morning, I went out for dim sum with my parents for bunch at Happy Valley and beat the crowds by 15 minutes. Then I went out to Richmond to support M in her first piano competition in 8 years -- I haven't been to one in such a long time! The whole competition consisted of students in ARCT playing pieces from the Impressionist era. M played a Spanish-influenced song by Debussy + ended up w/ a great mark - proud! Everyone played generally well and I was pretty impressed. The adjudicator seemed very knowledgeable too so it was refreshing to hear her comments at the end. Then Aberdeen we went! Got to spend a bit of time there -- updated my eyelash supply from Daiso (charcoal mask was sold out!), treated myself to OPI's Holiday In Toyland nailpolish in Little Red Wagon (a classic holiday red), and bought a thick, black patent belt + a black cardigan/bolero from Giordano (they're having a 20% off sale). Ate Jang Mo Jib's Pork Bulgogi for dinner @ the food court. Now, I'm still doing my Cotton Market Report for class tomorrow... I do work best when I do things last minute! Aja!

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