Monday, November 10, 2008


So I think I have a new change of direction education-wise. For a long time, I've been in limbo -- just saying "Oh, I'm attempting a Joint Major in Geography and Business" to whoever asked, but I wasn't really keen on either wholly. Even after taking such a variety of electives, I still haven't found a subject I was even half-heartedly inspired or interested in. At times, I was a bit frustrated that it was taking this long. The only factor that's in the way to complete that degree is being admitted into the Business faculty, and even after this semester, I'm not sure if it's going to happen... and if it does, will I still be happy? I've taken the lower-division requirements for Business so far, and it has been anything but fun with all the number crunching for financial accounting, stats, and economics where I would not have survived at all if it weren't for the bell curve. After looking into the courses I would still need to take, I'm even more turned off... Managerial Accounting, Intro to Finance, Data and Decisions II (ie. 2nd level of Stats), Managerial Economics... the only 3 courses I find interesting are Business Communication, Intro to Marketing, and Organization Theory.

Why did I choose Business in the first place? Well, I did have an interest in it at first and still somewhat do, but after a while, it was for the wrong reason - just for the prestige of having a university Business degree. I'm fortunate to have the support both financially and in relationships.... and time, to a certain extent, isn't an issue. Basically all that's left is for me to find out what I'm meant to do and that's something only I can find. My plan now is to graduate from SFU in the Fall of 2009 with a Geography degree since I'm almost done (6 more courses left babyy!!!) and then get a more practical and more concentrated diploma from BCIT. Currently I'm leaning towards their Marketing Communication or entrepreneurial Marketing Management or Marketing Tourism Management program. They do have similar courses as SFU Bus such as the basics (I think some of them are transferable!!), and I know I won't be completely free of number-related courses, but there's a lot of specific, more concentrated ones too... and I know it won't be easy either -- taking 7 and 8 courses alternatively each semester for 2 years. Of course this is all subject to change -- I will do more research, but for now, I feel as if a large weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that I have a more attainable and concrete plan. I've now realized I'm in school for myself and for my goals and what I think I would love to do in the future. Right now, I cannot imagine myself sitting at a desk all day.. in a sterile office or working for the government. I see myself doing something related to design and people interaction. The best job would involve me getting to travel!! I know others want me to be the best I can be and to fulfill my potential so I can live an easier life in the future, but I'm choosing to live this path that's just a tad bit unconventional (lol ok.. compared to so many others, not at all) and if it's a live-and-learn situation, so be it. Although I don't wish to "suffer", I think if I deserve to have a bit of it in my life, it will give me a good wake-up call.

After thinking about it, do I wish I went straight to BCIT after high school? If you had asked me last year, my answer would be an immediate yes! But now, I do agree that a degree is a must for me. It's great for its electives and all the opportunities to be more well-rounded and socially educated in certain areas and of the world and such, but I seriously thought university would be a lot more useful than it has been, and I'm disappointed that it hasn't! So far, I can say about 85% of the material I have learned (especially in my major!) will never be applied in my future and all that time spent memorizing could have been spent on much more practical curriculum. (And even though I've mentioned time isn't an issue, it is when I could have gotten a more practical education and already be working to save money to travel while I'm still young!!) Sure, I haven't experienced the real world, but I can probably only name a couple of things I would find useful... which is why I hope BCIT will prove me wrong and be as hands-on and practical as I hear.. and get me "job ready". Another thing I just quickly thought of is why would employers hire someone w/ a general Business degree over someone in a specialized and much more trained diploma? Do employers even know what we're studying? They can't expect us to know what to do when we're first employed - training is almost always involved.
Am I naive to think this way? We'll have to see.

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Nat said...

i do like the plan
i forgot to mention - you can always get an MBA after your BA in geo. geo is arts right? i have no idea = ='' but yeah people like bcit because it's so specific and hands on. for bcit, maybe your job pool will be narrowed in that you would only get specific jobs, but then you would have a high chance of getting them. and maybe for BA degree you have a wider type of jobs to look at but then lower chance of getting them. it's pretty good you'll get TWO educations, a degree and a diploma. i dont know how you can actually look forward to more school -im absofuckinglutely sick of school! i cant imagine bcit would b easy either :P you should do Int Design program at BCIT too haha! fun. but apparently that's pretty intense too :S but you can come to me for tile samples ^_^

and i agree, those bus courses sound awful. dims is taking most of those i think and ick :S what the heck is managerial accounting?!?!?! lol and intro to marketing probably wont even live up to what you were expecting anyway

why do you have six more courses for geo left? i thought you would have less? hmm how many do you have to take total? can u take those 6 courses in summer too? or how long are u staying in Korea... when is project grad date?? :D

its funny, my classmate who is ..28? (this is her second degree) often mentions how.." i'd be happy with an HR job ..a desk job....i just want to do a desk job and push papers around but do design on the side.." haha while you are complete opposite. i guess you always want what you dont have!