Thursday, November 13, 2008


Currently listening to: JJ Lin - Westside (memories!)

Pretty eventful day -- went to Posh for lunch w/ coworkers where I learned the ultimate swear word in Mandarin, scurried around downtown for a while, went to a Parasuco + LOULOU magazine event @ Parasuco with Nad where we sipped Shirley Temples, ate cupcakes with pink sprinkled icing, chocolate, and cute tuxedo chocolate-covered strawberries, and tried to find clothes to like. Some people on Soompi have some odd collections... and I'm surprised to see that a lot of them have false eyelash collections! That's pretty neat -- and practical too. I'm sure mine will never be as elaborate as theirs, but I started mine with my first pair of Shu Uemura's. I'm burning Mandarin CDs for my Auntie Eliza... woohoo spreading the Lee Hom + JJ Lin love! I'm gonna spend time with cousin Erin and Kyle tomorrow after school! We're gonna play Wii Fit. And then I'm gonna watch stand-up comedy @ Yuk Yuk's for a birthday. Fun!

DBSK sarang.


Nat said...

wow i didnt realize this elise estrada girl was so popular. (i mean, the parasuco party was a bit of a bust) but i just wiki'd her - she has the exact same bday as me!!!!!!! WOW. and she was a miss vancouver too.. pretty impressive! and i did recognize her song. i thought she was like someone who was JUST up and coming, not already gone so far.
anyway..i kind of wish i got her autograph now, haha.

Nat said...

ok u know what her voice is getting a little squeaky and annoying now :( i cant stand it anymore = ='' and i duno, she seems like she would fit into girlicious really well :S ih.

Natasha said...

haha! she's pretty -- same bday! coooolll butchea -- not a fan music-wise unfortch =(