Friday, November 14, 2008

Finish Line

The end of the semester is just so close I can actually see the finish line. Maybe it's because I can count the number of assignments, quizzes, and projects all on one hand or maybe because I know there's 10 days between my last class and my first final, but I feel determined to make it through more successfully than I have. 4 weeks left... school is finally going to be my #1 priority. Going out will be kept to twice a week max and this includes short meals, shopping, events... I will not not go to anymore classes (exception:1 hr Ling200 lecture on Wed)... I will try even harder to be on time.. and libraries + coffee shops might become my 2nd home.
Dec 12th..less than a month. I can do it! Aja!!!

Seriously loving Starbucks' holiday drinks!
2008-2009 Holiday beverages

1. Espresso Truffle....yummy sounding decadent hot chocolate! Will try next time.

2. Gingersnap Latte ... is this different from gingerbread? I love gingersnaps though!

3. Peppermint Twist...features the red sprinkles and the syrup is a combination of peppermint and spearmint apparently... Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha Twist = 500 calories of festive holiday goodness. (I don't like white chocolate but I love it in this!)

Interesting -- so DBSK's new MV for their song Wrong Number was released a few days ago. 'Cause this song is my least favourite from their CD (You've got the wrong number), I wasn't too impressed with the idea and production of the MV.. too obviously corny and literal.... and dancing in an underground parking lot?? hmm... though I thought they looked good... or as fans put it, smexy haha... especially JJ's rap... BUT their LIVE version is amazing - esp. considering that this is their first performance for this song and that they were so tired! They altered their concept hairstyles a bit too -- Junsu has a faux-hawk + Yoochun's hair is now orange-red and combed forward. Shiny too. Changmin smirk when he hit the high notes so perfectly. All in suits. Ah I just watched for the 5th time - I'm so impressed!
Same with Mirotic too! I loooved their MV, but their live is even better. So talented... look at them dance so awesomely + sing live at the same time.

Junsu sang a duet with his fraternal twin brother, Junho (lol trying to find him a girl) + it's airing tomorrow. I'm excited!
They didn't really look too similar when they were little, but now I def. see a resemblance.

I'm hoping to get a really good sleep for once tonight...

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Melanie said...

"Going out will be kept to twice a week max and this includes short meals, shopping, events... " hahaha twice! school really is the priority now then... :P
good for you though!