Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Met Jaejoong's Doppleganger!

Today at Posh there was this customer that looked so much like Jaejoong, I couldn't stop staring! I even told the hostess that I think he looks like some Korean celebrity and she mentioned it to him (but she said Japanese instead), and I overheard him saying "apparently a server here thinks I look like a..." (didn't catch the last part). Eunice (hostess) told me he laughed.
Ah I don't have the exact picture of Jaejoong, but I know it's out there. It's one of those airport pictures taken by a stalkerish fan where JJ was wearing pretty much the exact same thing as the customer. It's the side profile that looked exactly the same as JJ, well, except for the nose -- he didn't have the same straight nose JJ has... but their posture, build, face shape, jawline, body shape (wide shoulders, very tiny waist), actions, and height are pretty much spot on. The customer was so polite too, always thanking me for everything I do (I wasn't their server but I helped their server out, and no, not b/c I wanted a better look at him).
The customer was wearing a black and white striped shirt, veeery similar to this one xept the stripes are a bit thicker, and the customer also pulled the sleeve up so it was to his knuckles, just like how JJ does, esp. when he tries to cover his mouth when he smiles/laughs.
I didn't save the picture I know is out there of Jaejoong of him wearing the touque. The customer wore a black and white striped touque too in the way JJ wears it in those fancam airport pictures.
With black hair sticking out like this.
Worn in this way
Side profile.. wowwww soooo similar!
Yea... I think I was just really intrigued 'cause I think Jaejoong looks pretty unique. I mean, it seems as though whenever ppl look at a group shot of DBSK, they notice JJ first and they remember his face the best. This Jaejoong look-alike can speak Mandarin and English perfectly so I know it's not him... but wow. Actually, I think his face is a bit sharper than Jaejoong's. JJ's face looks pudgier than usual in that last pic there.

Anyway serving today was quite interesting... and of course, always enjoyable <3


Melanie said...

:O I would've been up there asking him if everything was alright and if he needed anything all the time, and would just be staring at him the entire time if I were you! hahaha

Craaazy..I really wish I could have seen this look-alike.

Anonymous said...

Could be this guy?

I read he is Chinese and looks awfully like Jaejoong.

PS: I wanna meet this Yunho look a like, too.