Monday, September 15, 2008

White Ticket

OK I found my go-everywhere bag! Actually, I posted this bag a long time ago. I still love it and saw a green one in LA's UO in Santa Monica. Love love love!
Sabina Leather Convertible Satchel @ Urban Outfitters. Now I just need to choose a colour. I've always wanted a dark brown leather bag, but I like all these colours!
Skinny Studded Belt [$24]
It'd be a nice bracelet too
Online Only Silence & Noise Tulip Hem Skirt [$34]
I feel like watching a movie in the theatres right now - a light, romantic comedy. The Women looks interesting but I didn't get the jokes in the movie trailer.

Finally watched Gossip Girls for the first time on TV today!! Love!

Currently watching So You Think You Can Dance Canada. Whooo! Very entertaining and talented dancers from Torontoooo!! Wow I think I'm gonna actually keep up with this show this season.

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Anonymous said...

holy shit!!!!! wow
i really like that bag too - especially in the black, coz it kind of looks patent too. but DAMN $245! i didnt even know UO had such expensive stuff!!! holy molies. but, good taste, as usual =p

u know i saw a girl at the stone couture event wearing a very loose fitting (fitted at the bottom) off shoulder shirt, with a big flower on it! i took a pic, tho it's hard to see haha. but yah! i was like HEYyyyy my best friend knows how to predict trends! (more or less :P) cool.