Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bionomic Equilibrium

OK so exposed zippers are all the rage right now. Some might think it looks stripper-like... and it's like easy access, but I personally adore them. I think they give a great edge to outfits. It used to be all about buttons and toggle, now it's about the zipper.

Let's take a look at the different styles:
Starr found these leggings at Hot Topic. How daringly bold!
Cute beanie! I'm looking for a nicely knit one to keep my head warm in this winter.
Now this is probably one of the only exp-zip I'd wear.
Looks awfully familiar to this Zipia skirt I wanted a few weeks ago, EH?!
I think this Shiny Zipper-Front Bodysuit is hot [$45 @ AA]
Nylon Tricot High-Waisted Zipper Pant [$52 @ AA]
One of my current sewing projects includes sewing exposed zippers onto a pair of leggings.
And of course the classic LnA leggings (and my inspiration) w/ exposed zipper. You can get them for a ridiculous $99 USD at Holts (or you can DIY like me!). Aren't the colours just great?!
Alexander McQueen's back zipper.
Jessica Alba's LBD+zipper... NICE SHOES
And exposed zippers go for shoes and boots too.
Michael Kors 'Berkley' Sandal
L.A.M.B. 'Shauna' Sandal [$280]Off-topic, but note-worthy:
Bi (Rain) in Gucci shorts hanging out by some pool in the US.
DBSK's 4th Korean Album cover.
Mirotic... apparently. I don't believe that's a word....... is it?
I pre-ordered this CD w/ a photobook, along with SHinee's Album (version B) and Big Bang's Stand Up 3rd Mini Album.

I worked all day today -- first for event planning and then I helped a coworker by taking her serving shift. Now I have to read!

My brother and I now have our own shower in our bathroom -- my dad finally installed a shower rod and curtain! I haven't used that tub since I last fit in it horizontally. I don't think my brother is too fond of using it (which is too bad 'cause he's the reason why we did this - so that him and my mom don't have to wait for each other every morning), soooo it might be all mine. How exciting!


Nat said...

mirotic - sounds "erotic" . like the graphic tho, pretty interesting and intriguing.

i do like the exposed zipper skirt - only from zipia tho, i like the pencil shape.. other ones are a bit TOO edgy for me. heh the legging zipper at the bottom reminds me of those nike track pants i used to think were the COOLEST ever in grade 6 - with a short zipper that would expand them a bit. hahaha..

i still say looks best on a shoe =p you should post your creations (once u get to them)!

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