Monday, December 8, 2008

Make Like An Onion... Layer!

If you ever get a chance, I highly suggest browsing around Chictopia for outfit ideas. I found a couple new Chictopian whose wardrobe I absolutely adore.
and so chic

!! The H&M fur coat I lusted over !!
Love this Chanel belt!
She has such good taste in shoes... just posted these lovelies today:
And can you talk about envy? She just got an internship with Gucci!
She's a pretty new Chictopian so she doesn't have very many outfits up, but I'm highly anticipating her future ones!
Oh and one more thing -- she's from Vancouver!

Another Chictopian who has got me a tad green is joannaladrido.
As part Spanish, Filipino, and Chinese (even though she looks Japanese/Korean), she's a doll face and her wardrobe is pretty sweet. To be honest, I haven't been a fan of her recent stuff b/c I think her sweet side suits her more than the chic, rocker-type.
Yea.. this picture really doesn't do her justice.

Couple more pics from Chictopia. It's not the same choosing just one picture to represent a person. It's a totally different vibe when you see their outfits consecutively b/c you get to discover what type of person they are/what style they're trying to convey and thus appreciate their style moreso and in a different way.

Very Givenchy-esque! Love the top + booties.
Loooooove these shoes!!! And who would have thought? They're from Aldo!
And just wanted to point out a new trend among Chictopians/fashion bloggers:
DIY "ripped" tights. This one is actually extremely popular and earned itself over 100 comments! MichelleYue cut these holes herself. The back is actually in tact. Check out the back!
So exciting - all the stores are coming out with their Spring collection now!

Anyway, I'm quite exhausted having only had 4 hours of sleep. Ling220 final went surprisingly well so I'm quite relieved.... celebrated by watching Gossip Girl (which will be on hiatus until January!! Noooo) and what an episode!!!!! So much happened - I was abs. captivated! Anyone else notice Lily's baby bump? I read on Pink Is The New Blog a couple weeks ago that a certain member of GG's cast was preggers and guessed it was her. She's such a pretty lady especially when her hair is down and wavy like that... a '68-er so that makes her... 40! Anyway, I think I'm going to try to get back on track sleep-wise and will wake up decently early tomorrow to study. 3 more exams to go! I picked up my Korea University welcome package today! And sold my Ling book!
My holiday agenda is filling up so quickly, it will be a very busy Christmas. I don't get my Xmas work schedule until this Sunday so I can't really plan too much at night, but
I'm so excited and am thrilled to finally get to hang out with everyone =) Good holiday to look forward to indeed.

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