Friday, January 18, 2008

Giant PEZ

Supermodel Of The WORLD 2008: Korea's 19 year old Kang Seung-hyun
Is Ford trying to change the definition of beauty?
That it's beautiful to be average...
That it really is personality that counts...
Just as long as you have a slim figure, good hair, and flawless skin (and can look fun posing w/ a giant Ernie PEZ container)?

Today didn't start off too great, but it ended alright.

Leftover Japchae
2 cups milk
Snack #1:
Blueberry-cranberry-lemon (w/ peach bits) slice of loaf from Blenz (yum)
Snack #2:
5 Nuggets
Snack #3:
Hot Water
Strawberry Gummy
Mixed veggies: bok choy, gai lan, cabbage, broccoli, carrots
T&T Beef Brisket
No rice
1 cup hot water
Mandarin Orange
Handful of dry, sweetened blueberries

Today was a pretty ih day. Haven't had one of these in so long. I was supposed to do my exercise this morning but slept in (never happens!), so I only had time for a shower before I had to meet D to go to Central Library to study... Didn't do too well on my Japanese quiz I'm thinking now. Always always don't second guess! You're smart and are right the first time. Never again. We're having 13 of them and altogether, they're worth 10% of our final grade... so a little less than 1% per quiz... but it's still an indicator of how well I know this stuff. Honestly, I think I am one of the weakest in this class of 20. I was one of the better ones from Japn100 though... just now all the ones weaker than me didn't take Japn101 and so they're all better than me haha. All of them seem to have taken many Japanese lessons before and watch/read mangas for years. Me? I've done practically nothing Japanese-wise. I've watched 1 drama and a couple movies.. sporadically within 2 years... and seen everything Tohoshinki-wise. Not nearly close to the rest of them! I need to listen to more Japanese and maybe take out some fun books from the library to improve my reading speed. Anyway, my listening will be my Great Teacher Onizuka drama right now... and next time I go to the library, I'll pick up a book or two.

Mmmm Finally got a SweetSpot e-mail I liked. I was going to unsubscribe too!
They introduced a new (since Monday!) waffle and coffee house called Cafe Medina.
Café Medina
556 Beatty St. (at Dunsmuir St.)
Eagerly awaiting our sweet and syrupy indulgence, we sipped on a cappuccino ($3.20) by local roaster 49th Parallel. And then they came. The warm, fresh Belgian waffles ($3.15 each) were crispy on the outside, light on the inside and drizzled with homemade, mostly-organic sweet toppings ($1.00 each). Eight are available; we swooned when we tasted the dark chocolate and fell instantly in love with the white chocolate pistachio syrup with rose water.
Yummmmmmmmo. My dad makes some excellent Belgian waffles, but I want to try these ones... just to compare.
I'll try it out in the Spring!

Thank goodness it's the weekend.

Thinking of making a big purchase to finally get all the CDs from my favourite artists: Tim, Big Bang, + DBSK on YesAsia. They don't have 2 CDs unfortunately (Tim Vol. 2: Second Breath and Big Bang: Since 2007)...
It comes to a bit over $100 for 7 CDs. Not bad. Free shipping too.
Now I'd just need to make more space on my bookshelf and buy a car to play them in haha jay kay.

I just clicked on this New Arrival 'cause I thought it looked pretty -- I didn't see the name until now:
Hesse: Frilled Wrap Princess Dress with Belt [$58]
Julian Appelius' Topple bookshelf leans ever so slightly on its rocking base--5° to be exact--when books are stacked on, creating the perfect amount of tilt to add some extra stability. A bit ironic, yes, but it works!
Neat eh? It'd be a fun piece for a quirky room.

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