Thursday, January 17, 2008


I think Spring and Summer are all about throw ons. Nothing too thought out (like ugh Winter Wear... "will this chunky knit even fit under my coat?") - just something light and airy to wear.

Paul + Joe Magneto Blouse with Silver Flowers [$596]
I've always liked the whole "voluminous on top, skinny (non-existant) bottoms". It's better for ppl who have pear-shaped bodies like me. I think it's the most flattering for the majority of women's figures out there.. short + tall. This blouse caught my eye on ShopBop. Pretty! I actually sort of like this simple top from AE. Pretty Pleated Shirt [$39.50]
Also comes in Navy. To wear w/ shorts. Cute ribbon back. Don't think I'd buy it for myself though.
Some colour! I do think what's-her-real-name (oh yea Hilarie Burton) looks good here... and here's a perfect example of how to use a brown belt (trend 2008)... but her maybe-if-I-show-some-teeth-it'll-look-like-I'm-smiling smile....... Her shoes are a bit too matchy matchy with the belt but I can't think of another type of shoe to go with that outfit at the moment.
Yoon Eun Hye (popular Korean actress) lookin' good - from a recent magazine spread.
This next pic struck me as plain but unique. Only certain ppl can pull this off. Tucked in button-up into Straights/Skinnies! C'mon. You've really got to have a really slim and boyish figure for that. Hmm what do I like about this. I really can't tell you. I think I like the vibe. It has a bit of a Ralph Lauren's daughter/Polo rider's day off look.
Nooo this next pic isn't me.. though I wish it was! This girl is from StyleDiary. My favourite StyleDiary fashionista. I love that excess-fabric wrap top. She got it from H&M! How come I never find anything like that there... when H&M opens downtown, I think I'll be there a lot more often. Anyway, I'm eying something similarish from Aritzia. It'd be perfect for Spring/Summer.. and I'd definitely wear it a lot as a light wrap.. but it's a bit out of my price range right now.

Hmm.. not that great eating-time wise... 2 big meals.

Canned Chile
Mandarin Orange
1 cup green tea
1 cup milk
1 cup water
Homemade Japchae! Mmmm
Half a can of cranberry-raspberry sparkling soda
2 cups of Aloe
2 cups water

Need to pre-order DBSK's Japanese and Korean CDs.
Hollywood Bowl tickets selling on Monday at 1PM!!! Cross your fingers for good seats! (Garden Box Front Middle Section 41!) So EXCITEDDDD!! I want DBSK*/SuJu/Tasha/Tim*/Jang Ri In/Ivy/Big Bang*/AnyBand*/As One/SNSD/WonderGirls to be there! That's all I ask...

During my break today at school, I went over to the International Office to ask more questions about the exchange! I overheard these girls talking, saying how it's so much harder to do exchange at SFU than UBC... so many more steps involved and work to do. It does seem like a lot of work but it'd be worth it. I have to research the courses I want to take in 3 universities I plan to go to and then talk to my academic advisor and see which ones can transfer over. I also need 2 references. I have my Japanese Professor and I think I'm going to ask either my TA for English or TA for Geo... I just have to participate more to stick out.. so they have positive things to say about me. And then I have to find somewhere to stay... I want the whole cultural experience so I want to be a home stay student rather than staying in a dorm... and I have to fill out many forms including a budget form which tells the university how much money I will be approximately spending there. Some schools have changed their CGPA requirement! Kansai Gaidai (the university I wanted to get into when Japan was my 1st choice) now has a 3.0CGPA from a 2.69. The one I'm most interested in right now is Yonsei University for Korea. They teach in English ('cause they have a separate campus for International students.. which I'm a bit disappointed in 'cause I wanted to mingle w/ the locals), they expect me to take 1 Korean language course (which I fully intend to do!), and they concentrate on Asian Studies + International Business.
I always see all these amazing photos in the library from SFU International students from their studies abroad! Very inspired. Exchange students are encouraged to take photos on the trip and send them in to win $$.
So within the next few days, I have to print out a bunch of those forms and see which courses I would take in Spring, 2009. That's gonna be hard. No matter what, I'm paying for 12 credits worth of tuition when I go there. I only planned on taking 3 courses, but that's expensive if I do that! So I guess I will be taking 4: 1 on Korean, 1 Business course.. has to be a 300 level one.. and I haven't decided for the other 2. Man that's gonna be a tough semester if I end up taking 3 business + Korean!
But anyway, I'm super excited.

Lappy battery is almost dead - goodnight.

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It's one of those occasions where I have a lot to say SO I am not gonna flood your cbox...LOL

first off - Im ok with winter as long there as there is no snow or rain involved...
trying to dress for the rain just makes me very boring. hoodie, jeans, runners oO BLEHHH

second - YEH! I wanna see more basic house photos...but there doesn't seem to be very many out yet..*sigh*

third - YEAAA you neeed to be really thin to pull of the tucked in shirt + skinnies...or just very rectangle shape...NO buttt or boobs.

fourth - hilarie burton *sigh* not a fan...LOL i mean of her, not of her outfit...i think its just cause ive been watching one tree hill agian and I dont like peytons character sooo yeaa...

fifth - I think I wanna take asian studies!! but they only offer that at ubc...
which means i have to somehow get into ubc..oO
blehhhhhhhhhhh i guess i can go to langara first and switch over....we'll seee i gotta get money first actualllly

sixth - YAY for your plans to go to korea, you are one lucky lucky lucky girl =( I wish you can take me as luggage

seven - OH yay you dl the yuna ito celine dion song...i guess i never told you about it...i remember when sarah told me i was like WHOAAAAAA coool

last thing, did you realize the photos we add to the sidebars ourselves are smaller now oO they used to be bigger and now they are smaller I DONT like I cant take down any of the photos i have put up cause im afraid if i want to put them back later it just wont be as cool cause its smaller...HAHAHAHHAA yea im weird like that