Saturday, January 19, 2008

Discontinued Toothpaste?

Legally obtained music for my ears:

Yay I bought 4 CDs yesterday! They're gonna arrive on my doorstep on the 11th!
Tohoshinki (DBSK) 3rd Japanese Album: T which comes out on the 2nd of Feb -- There are also other versions with DVDs but those I can watch subbed on YouTube. I do like the cover on the Special Edition 2CD + 2DVD copy but it's sold out on YesAsia 'cause there are only 5000 copies made.
This is the one I got. Junsu is stretched out a bit weirdly.

This is the CD+DVD version:
And this one is the 2CD + 2DVD version. I realize I am missing out on 4 or 5 songs if I don't get this version but that's OK.
Tohoshinki's side record label, Rhythm Zone, is planning on releasing 5 more singles in Feb + March... and each will have a member's solo song on it.
  • ChangMin - 2008-02-11
  • YooChun - 2008-02-18
  • JunSu - 2008-03-02
  • YunHo - 2008-03-10
  • JaeJoong - 2008-03-17
Way to suck the money out of the fans!

Tim: Vol. 4 - Love Is...

Saranghamnida TIM!!! Wish to get all his albums. 3 more to go

Big Bang: Mini Albums
I was a little hesitant in buying these because there are only 6 songs in each.. and it's almost the same price as a regular CD ($13 and $12). But I adore Big Bang and the packaging is quite nice so I got it!
AlwaysHot Issue
I will eventually get their 1st full album... somehow. It's currently out of stock.
BCBG Max Azria Lace/Charmeuse Gown [$704]
ohhhh wow... she looks amputated from where the dress
should have ended!!
What a dress............ eu.
I love these types of outfits (though I'd change the leather pants to some sort of jean/short).
They're simple, they aren't loud, and they look effortlessly put together. I'm usually a no for wide-legged pants, but I'm liking Club Monaco's High Waisted Sailor Jeans!
Butcha gotta be super slim to wear them.
Perfect with a V-neck or boat-neck nautical-inspired tee tucked in for a day on a yacht.... 'cause you know how often we go hah naw.. I'd rather wear a dress.
Ah.. .I just saw a pic of a model wearing these pants and the material looks so deceiving in the picture above. They're actually not very nice - the black pants are semi-sheened le chateau material


1 cup tea
2 supergoodcranberryorangeoatmealmuffins
1 strip of bacon
Mom's layered shrimp dip w/ multi-grain nachos
1 cup milk
Late lunch + part of dinner:
Huge salad: lettuce, 3 types of bell peppers, tomato, bacon, cucumber, hardboiled eggs, carrots, and grated mozza and cheddar.
Another muffin... 'cause they're so good
2 cups hot water
Another muffin hah! OK last one for sure...
Fried breaded oysters
Bok Choy
Grandma's Soup
lol... leftover frozen raspberry-blueberry cheesecake....

Today I finished all my Japanese homework due next Wednesday (finallyyyyy) and printed off all those exchange forms.
Tonight I'm gonna take a bath, try one of these toner masks I bought in Taiwan, print and read my geography article (and find it), and skim over English...
Find a topic for my Geography Editorial by Tuesday!!! Hmmmmmm...
Get Phonecard to LA
Start on English Essay (Pick Ethos/Pathos/Logos)

I realized I haven't taken/posted many pictures recently. I guess the next opportunity would be tomorrow if Becky and I actually make it out to run along the seawall........ lol


Nat said...

decapitated means to only cut off the head specifically =)

went to main street yesterday with some eci friends (we were killing time before our dine out dinner) .. saw some interesting things. ever been to urban source?? i cant believe we didnt go there sooo cool. all this really random stuff good for crafts ..and art students. a ton of random materials (like factory waste.. the cutouts or leftovers of a product that is still useable in a creative way haha) saw this dress that had a neat tie around the waist at life of riley. saw some pretty cool things.. im sure you would find lots to get there, or that yo'ud want.. add some very unique pieces to your wardrobe!

N said...

lol oops I meant amputated!

The name urban source rings a bell! It sounds really neat -- let's go there next time!
Do they have frames?
what's life of riley?