Sunday, January 20, 2008


There was a reason why I wanted to try ballet...
This is Stephanie from CSJH the Grace (Korean girl group) -- she's a ballet dancer.
Love her outfit
Also pretty:
Classic boat neck and elegant to-the-knee hem.
Great Teacher Onizuka is a great drama! haha I love Onizuka. He's so cool + I love the way he does things.
It's one of those shows that just puts a smile on your face =)

ShopBop has new swimsuits
Let's take a look:
Fabucci Bandeau/Triangle Twist Bikini [$172]
Exclusively for ShopBop
Very cute. It reminds me of the AA swimsuit 'cause both of these can be worn as a halter or bandeau styles. This one is reversible. Looks like one side is lame and the other is a tint of ice blue.
I have a thing for nautical-inspired.
Vix Swimwear Napoli Striped Bikini [$172]
I like the studded leather side detail.
lol I realize it's quite weird to just have a bottom like this, but I really like this DKNY basic! Only $30 too on Bluefly.

Juicy Couture Bowler Bag [$250]
Gold + black
I haven't been very impressed with The Sartorialist's posts for the past month. Winter clothes suck.

Breakfast/Lunch ('cause I woke up at 12:15)
4 multigrain round nachos w/ leftover shrimp spread
Oatmeal (I made allll by myself :]) w/ cinnimon, brown sugar, and milk
1 godiva

7 dry sweetened blueberries
1 mandarin orange
Snack + other half of lunch lol
1 chicken drumstick
A bit of wonton, broccoli + noodles
Late dinner:
Humus + pita
More shrimp dip + multigrain nachos
1 cup juice
M came over and we made:
Keftedes (Cypriot meatballs)
Greek roasted potatoes
Greek Salad
Red Bean taro tapioca jelly Popsicle
2 cups hot water

wow quite a heavy food day!
Decently healthy... oops forgot vitamin again!!

What's on my mind:
Visa re: Hollywood Tickets
Getting an editorial article for Geo's Tuesday class. Gotta buy a newspaper tomorrow -- we've stopped our subscription. Will start again.. but not in time for tomorrow!


Nat said...
didnt watch the whole thing, jsut saw cuute pandas!!!! sooo cute.

those swim suits are nice! well, im not a fan of nautical, but i do like the reversible with the two materials one.. and the black bottom. how sad, now that i think about it, i dont really like my swimsuit anymore (it's all flowery! how immature lol) ....buuuut not like i wear it all that often, soooo no point in another one. i already have two tops. AND why am i thinking about summer.. ...oh how i cannot wait for summer yeeesh.

N said...

nono your swimsuit is totally fine! You're only 20 for goodness sakes haha
Flowery + 25 years old = a different story.

Ommo! Those red pandas are VERY cute!!! I want one!!
They look like stuffed animals
and so clean!!
But they're so mischievous =|