Monday, January 21, 2008


Kurt Halsey on Urban Outfitters
Roof Wall Art [$12]
Not usually the type of "art" I'd hang, but this is so cute! I'm gonna get.
Wanderlust Triptyoh [Reg $40 on Sale for $19.99]
I like the last 2 picsWorld's Largest Heart [$18]
It's inflatable.
Guy not included.
.. not like you wanted him anyway.
Coffee Table Books:
Found Polaroids [$19.99]
1000 Places to See Before You Die [$18.95]
Gotta start saving!
101 Things To Do Before You're Old and Boring [$8.95]
What's worse than being boring? Being OLD and boring!
Read and follow and you'll have something to tell your grandkids.
When I was your age....
Sackrace Voile Dress [$58] Online Only

Lux Printed Knit Dress [$58]
Pretty pretty.
Sabrina Leather Convertible Satchel [$225]
I adore this bag. Also comes in black and gray!Nad sent me this clip! I can't embed into my blog, but OMMO!! SO CUTE!! I WANT ONE!! (no, TWO!!)
Click HERE


Multigrain crackers
Greek Salad
Multigrain nachos + shrimp dip
Cinnamon with oatmeal + milk lol
Mandarin orange

Oh and I drank about 5 glasses of hot water
Yes - I did pretty horribly on the vegetables today =(
Will do better tomorrow.

oh WOW Great Teacher Onizuka is probably one of the best dramas I've seen in a while. Well, I haven't watched any in over 6 months... but still!! It's great. I finished it today. I think I watched 6 episodes (45min each) yesterday... 'cause there was
such a cliffhanger at the end of each!
So inspirational.... defo recommend it!

Good news!
B and I got our Hollywood Bowl tickets in the Garden Box section. Unfortunately, we didn't get the section we wanted because they were apparently "sold out" or "unavailable" (ppl probably had it in their cart, waiting to find better seats) or they were available but told us to "try new seats" when we clicked on it... so we decided to click on the seats we got. Later on in the day, we were able to click on the section we wanted and find better seats but I already bought the other ones so =(
Oh wellllll they aren't that bad.
Yay that means we can start planning our LA trip now! Exciting.
I need money now.

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