Tuesday, January 22, 2008


SFU @ 5:07PM
Taken January 22, 2008
Pond iced over.
Sun setting.
Father and child admiring ice.

Whew! I'm not used to these "long" days.
Today was a pretty good day though. Pretty good for being dreaded Tuesdays ('cause of my 2 hour Geo tutorial).
I now like my tutorials and actually contributed an ample amount today. My TA, Dawn, is really laid back and easy going and is really open to anyone taking the courage to talk. That's why.
I'm actually not afraid at all to participate -- it's just that I have nothing intelligent to say! My brain... is horrible ... ohhhh no poor Heath Ledger!
While I was rushing to tutorial in the AQ, I heard some guy walking opposite of me talking on his cellphone, saying "You know Heath Ledger? He's dead". I thought that was interesting and was wondering if he was talking about some new movie he watched with him or something... but nope. Attempted suicide? Maybe. This is too sad =(

We watched a film today in Geo lecture. It was absolutely appalling! The Mohawk in Montreal were trying to protect their land and heritage but the Oka golf course wants to expand and use the Mohawk's land! Ppl were beat up (on both sides... but mainly the Mohawk)... Swat Team... Army... so angry!! So silly!!!

I guess I should look into driving lessons in the next 2 weeks eh?

It's getting warmer... sort of. I'm actually not cold at all + I now wear flats everyday. I love to walk these days. Speed walk down to the skytrain station and up again... up the stairs instead of elevator... oh speaking of skytrain/bus/transit, I got on the 145 and sat in the back between this girl and this guy and then the girl suddenly leaves right before the bus leaves 'cause she forgot something so that left the space open. I thought this other girl in front of me would sit down but there was this huge guy who sat down instead and he reeeeeked =( Every 3 minutes, I'd smell something different... I think he had a gas problem.... and to top it off, he was drinking a coke and when he'd take a big sip, he'd let out a sigh and it smelled like rotten fish + coke! Poor poor me.. and the guy on the other side of me smelled it too I bet 'cause we both had our hands up to our noses.... of course in a more discreet manner than you'd think.... but ahhhh.

Me watching Great Teacher Onizuka in my kitchen. I need to watch the movie now! GTO goes to an all girls school hahaha

Oatmeal (this stuff only takes 2 minutes to make! AND it's not from any package! wow!) with milk
1 cup juice
1 cup of fresh fruit (bought @ cafe)
Large Tazo tea in Refresh
Handful of trail mix (haha I'm being like Jason)
Green beans + red pepper + green pepper + beef stir fry
1 slice of real cheddar (ie. not Kraft singles)
1 multigrain cracker to get the taste out of my mouth.... (I didn't eat the vitamin w/ enough water...)
3 leftover greek potatoes 'cause the cracker didn't do anything
1 chocolate...
Apple slice
3 cups hot water
The last popsicle

I feel so relaxed right now. I've read all my English readings due Thursday and I've finished my Japanese homework on the weekend for tomorrow and there's no quiz to study for. I'm in my living room on the couch listening to Tim.
haha You know what? I wished upon a star today (they come out so early!)
I wished for DBSK to come to Hollywood Bowl + perform.
There is actually a chance!

Hate dough wasting? Don't know why you would... cookie dough = heaven.
But if you're weird, use these neat Puzzle-shaped cookie cutters [$14]
I was going to wait until I got my CD in the mail before listening to Tohoshinki's T album.... but it's available and calling my name on Yonwonghi haha... so I'm downloading now.

Brown has to be absolutely the hardest colour to wear. Unless it's a coat or a bag, brown is so hard to match. There are so many different tones! This is why I stay away... far far away... I don't want to think.

Royal blue socks w/ black pants + shoes can be a fashion statement... but not on this guy.
My dad is signing me up for the Sun Run this week! I start training tomorrow. Yay!!

Oh right - gotta get SFU fitness tags on Thursday.

Fashion pick:
Ashley Olsen's style is so much better than her sister's....
1st pic (left): Wow. Trying the button up w/ skinnies. Those skinnies look awfully similar to my Miss Sixty's
2nd pic: She's glowing in this pic! Radiant. I spy Christian Louboutin???
3rd pic: Lace dress! Hotttt

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