Wednesday, January 23, 2008

To Give Him The Time of Day...

I found this girl on Wardrobe Remix. I like her style 'cause she's all about vintage + has some great tailoring skills and totally redid certain pieces. She sells her recreations on Ebay... and yea that's her modelling.
All I can say is: how come I can never find vintage pieces like these?!
This one is quite interesting. Too bad you can't really see the detail of the sleeves, but it's really neat. It was once a maxi dress she says (maxi dresses have material that almost touches the ground like these).
Nice! The neck is a bit high for her though.
I love these types of dresses for the summer to go flea market shopping or something.
Ok this is another amazing find. It's a recreated American Airlines stewardess outfit!! How cute is that. You'd never have guessed eh? Very kimono like. I wouldn't wear it though... but it's so cute to look at.
I love the 2nd dress from the right!! And possibly the dress on the left.. if it wasn't covered by that bolero-type thingy.
Very nice! I want!
Belt down has such a pretty flare + I love the colour.
If I owned this dress, I'd make it more modern by cutting off the sleeves and making the top part of the empire waist very fitted.
haha it's almost a poodle skirt! Cute dressssss... but it takes up a lot of room haha
Imagine being on a busy skytrain w/ that dress on.
Very jealous about this find... subtle polka dot half-shirt dress.


1 english muffin (crumpet)
scrambled egg w/ a slice of cheese
1 glass milk
3 glasses of water (Sun Run training)
1 lychee jelly
1 banana
5 multigrain nachos w/ shrimp dip
Multigrain crackers w/ humus + tzanziki
1 tomato w/ feta
Blenz Peppermint Tea (I've been pretty impressed by Blenz's teas)
Beef + tomato
Yummo cabbage
Giant apple slice
2 pieces of sushi Mrs. Young made

1st session of Sun Run training was a bit more difficult than I thought it'd be. My dad and I are following this section in the Sun that tells you how to train for the run.
Today was:
5 min easy walk warm-up
1 min run
2 min walk
Do this 8 times (the 1 min run 2 min walk thing)
5 min easy walk slow-down
Takes 34 minutes.
Sounds pretty easy right?
Time passed by soo slowly for the first 2 minutes of running for each run-walk... but after that, time flew by quick enough.

What -- LV increases their prices right before Valentine's day? How expensive...

Japanese class got me feeling sad again =(
I've heard Japanese is supposed to be the easiest to learn for a native English speaker but I don't think so. French and Spanish is waaaay easier by far.

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