Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Traditional Side Of Me

I've been saving pics of interior decor for the past while. I have so many I can't post them all at once.
Here's a sample of the type of rooms that inspire me. I don't think any of these rooms are perfect or even close to perfect. I only like certain elements in each of them. I'm sure you'll find a common theme.

This was Jackie Kennedy's room half a century ago.
She had great style.
I adore the quirkiness of the pictures and the frames! The way the books are lined up is a cute detail too. Too bad most of my books are hunks of paper (ie textbooks). Anyway, this is my kind of clutter.
I like the subtle wallpaper a lot. Not too fond of the way they've mixed flowery + damask with a modern streamlined desk like that... and the lamp doesn't go.
I like the slight dimension on the wall and how the pictures are placed on the furthest wall through the frame of the door.
This one... I'm not too sure why I saved it. I like the couches. Maybe they're trying to bring out the colour of the walls, but there's too much wall space IMO. I would replace the starfish picture on the mantle with something more substantial to make this room look complete.
Love the antique white dresser.
The curtains are a bit heavy for such a narrow room but I love the detail on the ceiling and the colour of the drapes!
This room looks full. Quite traditional too in a sense. The inset (so it seems) China cabinet is a lovely feature... as is the crown molding detail (I love crown molding so much!!)!!
Neat "floating breakfast nook" as I call it... 'cause you know how breakfast nooks are usually against a wall or window. That bench/banquette creates its own division.
Purple, white, silver-gray, damask! What's not to love.
I love damask.
I've always wanted a white kitchen. Not really like this, but this has some nice details I'd like to add like the built-in cabinets with glass doors, stainless steel appliances (what everyone wants these days anyway), a decent sized range, island seating, durable hardware. I don't know how I feel about the dark granite to-the-ceiling back splash... though it does give the kitchen some depth. I like grand kitchens.
I don't really know why I like this room either. I just noticed there were 2 coffee tables! I think it's because the room is white... but I realize I don't like this room very much. Probably saved it in a hurry.
Simple and nature-like.
Love the mirror. Love the arch. Love the pot lights. Love the lighting in general. Feels like a high-end hotel.
A sparse and cold room but amazing windows! Sunlight!!!
I like looking at dining rooms + kitchens with a french country feel.
Oversized headboard in a low-ceiling room - good for focusing the attention on the bed.
After looking at all these rooms, this room seems a bit too white. Oh well. I love the light + huuuge mirror.
Something about this house... detail of french window surrounded sunroom + patio.
Pretty vanity room. Princess-like. Don't like the silver lining around the doors though..
Built-in bookcases surrounding doors are love. I remember seeing something really similar to this on Trading Spaces back in Gr 10 or 11. I like the colours in this picture. Everything looks pulled together.
Fresh contemporary-Victorian dining room.
I thought the seating was neat... and yea - the white attracted me again.
The detail + moldinggggggg <3>
How to dine in a narrow space.
I like the mirrored closets. They really open the space up. I also like the whiteness, the flowers, and the light, gauzy curtains.
Whoaa a lot of rooms eh?
I like a lot of other styles too, but I always seem to fall back onto classic traditional. There's a certain quality about them. They look full and expensive.


6 pieces ha gao/siu mai
1 french toast
Lemon Poppyseed Loaf Slice from Renaissance
Steamed fish
1 glass of milk
2 glasses hot water
Mini Lychee Jelly cup thingy

lol finally a basic day of eating (3 main meals no snacks) though lunch "was a bit lacking" as Asian people tend to say haha

My mom mentioned spin class and it sounds really fun I want to try it! It's at Trout Lake and it's a room full of stationary bikes connected to light bulbs. They dim the lights and then put music on and you're supposed to bike to the beat of the music! How neat is that? Apparently it's really popular. I think I might make the Thursday night sessions w/ my mom.

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