Friday, January 25, 2008

Ride On

My choices for the 4 best (b/c I couldn't think of 5) Korean singers as of now:

Qualifications: good tone, sings on key live (pretty much all the time), evokes emotion in voice..
I happen to be partial to guys.
1. Junsu (from DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki/Anyband)
2. Tim
3. Sung Si Kyung
4. Shin Hye Sung (from Shinhwa)
Runner up: Kyuhyun from Super Junior + Se7en

B posted this clip of Sung Si Kyung + Kenny G up on her blog yesterday. Sung Si Kyung is fully Korean but he sings in English so accentlessly!! "Sung Si Kyung never lived in any English speaking country nor studied abroad. He learned it all on his own, driven partly by his admiration for Mariah Carey's music during high school" He also speaks French pretty darn well! Not fluent like he is in English though... but
amazing!! He's not really my type, but I'm falling for him.
Next clip: Sung Si Kyung singing I Believe I Can Fly (2005)
Pretty good eh?! His voice is apparently priced at 1 billion $$.... how they price voices is beyond me.

Tohoshinki is promoting their new album around Japan. They've split to do so (randomly): Yoochun + Changmin, Jaejoong and Yunho, and Junsu by himself haha
Poor Junsu - he's lonely in Tokyo. Here he is, calling Yoochun + Changmin.
Of course, he's (lonely and a bit nervous but) fine with it. I'd be so nervous though... to go from always having the company of your members for interviews to doing radio shows and live broadcasts (that he found out last minute!) for the first time all by yourself!
Jaejoong + Yunho seem to be doing well.
Anyway, to be honest, I'm not as impressed as I usually am with their new Japanese "T" album. It seems a bit too digitally altered... but I think I just have to listen to it more when I get it 'cause I've only been listening to it as background music a couple days ago. I always seem to have to grow to like their Japanese songs 'cause the style is different from their Korean songs.
" Junsu! We answered a quiz on the show and they gave us Lamb meat.
It's a souvenir!
When we return let's eat it all together.
Yoochun, Changmin."
lol apparently I'm not alone - In their KISS したまま、さよなら song, I thought they kept repeating "lonely people", but it's actually apparently "long way people" (which doesn't make sense...) hahaha... other ppl on Soompi thought so too. We won't find out for sure until ppl receive their albums.

Funny - my right calf is considerably smaller than my left! Of all the disproportions... lol
Sun Run training Session #2 today. It's the same as last time but it's only 6 times instead of 8. It was a bit annoying changing the speed from 4.2 to 5.9 all the time (thumb hurt) so sometimes I just ran for 2-3 minutes instead of running 1 and walking 2. Then I did a bunch of stretches, crunches, squats, and lunges. Wow.. lunges..... I really felt it in my thighs and butt hahaha
Haven't been doing any arm exercises though like I said I would... tsk.

I just came home -- it's 10:15PM. After Japanese class, I walked around Metro to update myself on what's in store and what's hot or not. A bit disappointing -- all the stores were trying to get rid of their Winter stock so there's sales galore. So I browsed around Chapters for about 1.5 hours. I ended up reading the whole Style: A to Zoe by Rachel Zoe.
She's a renowned celebrity stylist. I've read reviews that this book is basically her bragging about which celebrities she styled and how much recognition they got from what she chose for them. Yea - that's pretty much it. Example: How her and Nicole Richie were coming from one event and Nicole realized she couldn't dance in the dress she was wearing so they quickly stopped by Gucci and picked out a coral coloured dress... xept it was a size 10. So, Rachel took the broach from the front of the dress and used it to pin all the excess material in the back to make it fit her and then they went to the event. Apparently the paps couldn't stop snapping away at her lol.
Anyway, she does give a few tips on how to buy vintage + how to pack for various holidays. I was quite inspired by what she calls excessories. Yea they're just accessories... but she believes that accessories make the outfit and that instead of having another pair of pants, she'd rather have a new belt 'cause that can change the outfit moreso than new pants. I love her jewelry - she layers them well + it's all yellow gold! Her style is bohemian meets vintage from what I gather... has some nice pieces sometimes. She really loves to wear flowy/shapeless pieces.
She also inspired me to invest in timeless designer bags (like a Birkin) instead of trendy, flashy "It" bags. I couldn't agree more. I sort of thought she'd dress a little better being a stylist and all but she does have her own style.
I guess she shouldn't outshine the celebrities but c'mon... what is this........
Here's one of her better looks. I actually (surprisingly) really love this one.

Anyway, my brother won't let me in the kitchen right now. He's making some sort of dessert I think.... but this is great 'cause I can ask him to get me/make me anything from the kitchen. Dai Daiiiiii I'm thirsty! Water please! hah.


1 cup Milk
The last single piece of chocolate we have in the house... hee
3 cups water (run)
Cha Siu
Gai Lan w/ Ho Yaow
Multigrain crackers w/ cheddar
1 cup water
2 cups tea

Hmm.. realized I didn't eat a decent dinner.

Ok got the brother to get me "dinner"... which is just his leftover T&T meat (marinated wings + chicken) on rice... and NO veggies except for gross cooked red + green peppers (which I've had plenty of in the past week)! Oh no...
I wonder what he's making....
Tapioca maybe! haha I guessed and he said "go away" so that means I'm probably right.
Oh nevermind... he's blending something now. What could it be?? He asked me if this bottle was vanilla extract haha... which is why I guessed tapioca in the first place.. also 'cause he loves tapioca + it's relatively easy to make.

My sensei tells us stories of his childhood.. and we keep learning things about him. He's an interesting guy. Today we were talking about which movie we wanted to see in class after our 1st oral. I think we decided on Haru's Moving Castle. A couple ppl suggested a horror movie but he said he can't watch scary movies 'cause "when [he] was young, he passed away" LOL...... his English isn't perfect. He meant he passed out.
Japanese was pretty good in general today. We learned a lot of material... and I think I did pretty well on the quiz (finally)... and I made a few more friends. I guess that's the good thing of arriving close to the start of class than being early. There's only so many seats so when I'm (almost) late, I get to sit next to someone new instead of hanging out w/ the crowd from last semester (which my sensei doesn't want anyway). I feel old though. I'm not the oldest in the class (thank goodness) - there's a 4th year and at least a handful or 3rd years, but I feel so old when I meet 1st years! They're so mature. Were we like that? Or did I just not change at all?

Ok I'll have to tell you what my brother is making in tomorrow's post. Care to take a wild guess?? hehe
I still have no clue.
It's ready in 2 hours.

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