Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lay Off The Smokes And Eat Some Meat

Rory Beca - Wrap Gown w/ Obi (in Smoke) [$380]
This is the kind of volume I like for gowns.

My brother made Chocolate Mousse last night.
It was good! My kind of chocolate: dark + bitter. It was rich.
You would have never have guessed it only had 3 ingredients.
He says he has enough ingredients for 2 more batches of 5 bowls each lol
It's the healthy version of the sinful classic chocolate mousse.
What do you think it is?
The first 2 ingredients are: Dark chocolate (melted) and vanilla extract.
I'll tell you @ the end.

It wasn't very cold this week.. well last night was a bit cold... but I just went outside to check if there was anything to eat in the garage and I was frrrrrreeeeezzzingggg. And now it's snowing! Yay I guess.

Anyway, the title is referring to Lee HyukSoo, a Korean model (1988er and 6'2) + actor. Quite emo. He has this quality that really captivates me.
He is pretty disgustingly skinny though... and it's too bad he seems to love his cigs.
He's has some nice features.
I like his lips lolMaybe he should have played L in Death Note hahaHe reminds me of Edward Scissorhands
omg... have a chocolate at least...
So he does eat! He has a cute smile.
This is the most personality I've seen him have.
Why is it that designer websites use so much Flash (I'm not talking about the light... I'm talking about the program... unless they use something more sophisticated than Flash)? They take forever to navigate...

Breakfast + Lunch (eaten over a span of 3.5 hours):
Rest of the chocolate mousse
1 cup green tea
1/4 Chicken Caesar Thin Crust Pizza (Costco)
3 raincoast chips (which aren't really chips.. more like a healthy crunchy cracker)
Small bowl of Nissin instant noodles w/ egg + gai lan
2 cups water
Handful of multigrain nachos w/ shrimp dip.. omg we still have some left
Pasta salad
Baked potato + sweet potato slices
Baked chicken
1 cup milk
More chocolate mousse
Orange slices

Today D came over and while I ran on my treadmill, we watched Miss America. I really liked one of the talent performances - I'll show you once it comes out on Youtube. Miss Michigan won. I missed that part 'cause I was taking a shower.

The last (and secret) ingredient to my brother's mousse is...
dooga dooga dooga

Soft tofu!!
You'd never have guessed!

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