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I've decided to make my posts cleaner. Each post will be about something different (but that doesn't mean I won't have multiple posts every day hehe)...but I'm saying NO to super random posts (where I talk about clothes/celebrities/the weather/food/what I did all in 1 post). I've also decided to stop my CHOMP section. We all know I love my food! haha

In dedication, I will tell you about my new all-time favourite snack that doesn't make me feel guilty:

Lesley Stowe's Raincoast Crisps.

These things are divine! They bring crackers to a whole new level.
They're thin, perfectly crispy, not salty, and the flavour is subtle to compliment whatever topping you choose to eat it with. Personally, I think they're perfect on their own. Oh and they don't make your fingers greasy!
I'm absolutly crazy about them. My mom went to her friend's husband's 50th birthday and they served these with Brie cheese. My dad loved it so they gave us a box. These are made in Vancouver on West 5th.
We just opened it today and my family finished half of the box already.
I dub them perfect party food for any occasion.
Even on their site, they say that it's great for casual get-togethers or elegant cocktail parties.
Nutrition-wise, they don't contain a lot of fat (2 grams) out of every 20 grams (4 crackers), and they contain a lot of Iron and Calcium.
Pretty nice packaging too. The crackers don't crack this way.
I took this picture w/ my cellphone.. that's why it's so dull looking.
In our tin:
1/2 Rosemary Raisin Pecan Raincoast Crisps: Chock full of toasty pecans, fresh rosemary and dark and juicy Thompson raisins, you won’t be able to get enough of these tastebud-tantalizing crisps! Amazing on their own, these crisps are even more fabulous when paired with soft cheeses like Brie, St Andre, Cambozola and Boursin.
1/2 Original Raincoast Crisp: This is where the crispy conversation first started - and it hasn’t stopped since. Lesley’s favourite, this unique and addictive crisp is also the most versatile. A toasty nutty flavour with a slightly sweet finish, the original flavour hints of spice. The original crisp goes well with smoked salmon, seafood, pates and antipasto as well as a myriad of cheeses. (Wasn't as flavourful as the Rosemary Raisin one.)

Lesley also makes 3 other flavours I'm dying to try:

Spicy Sundried Tomato Raincoast Crisps: The crispy conversation gets spicy! This crisp is bursting with the warm flavour of sundried tomatoes and spices. Fabulous on its own, this crisp also partners well with creamy cheeses, spinach dips and country pates.

Cranberry Hazelnut Raincoast Crisps: The creation of these crisps brought even crisper conversation to entertaining circles! Tart plump cranberries and toasty hazelnuts combine to create a perfect snack for the holiday season and beyond.

Fig and Olive Raincoast Crisps: Another amazing crisp that combines the salty taste of Kalamata Olives with the sweet flavour of Turkish Figs. Try it on its own or with soft cheeses such as chèvre, brie or triple crème.

What I think is amazing about them is that it doesn't leave the greasy residue feel in your mouth. In fact, it feels really fresh. I just ate 5 and my mouth feels as if I just brushed my teeth!

I'm not totally sure how much they sell for, but "according to my research", they're around $7/box. I think that's pretty cheap for the tin they come in. I'm thinking a box is like one of these boxes.

Oh nevermind. The tins are $11ish. A tad expensive, but so totally worth every penny!!!

Check them out at
1685 West 5th Avenue Vancouver BC V6J 1N5
You can also get them at Capers in Kitsilano.

On the topic of food, the group decided to eat at Deuce ($25 menu) in Lonsdale for Dine Out Vancouver 2008 today but only 5 of us could make it in the end. We were impressed with their 4 course menu haha. Last year, a bunch of us went to A Kettle Of Fish ($35 menu) which was good, but not worth the $35.

Pictures: I was a bit annoyed at my camera. It takes awful food pictures... especially in this lighting. This is where a DLSR would come in handy.

All of us started off with a baby spinach salad with pear, portabella (also spelled portobello) mushroom, pecans, and goat cheese. The mushroom with the cheese + pecans were good but the spinach part reminded me too much of the pre-washed Popeye spinach my mom buys for salads so it didn't seem like anything special.
For the 2nd course, B and D got 2 types of squash soup. They were very flavourful - I liked this a lot.
Jason, M, and I chose the dungeness crab fritters. These were alright. Not bad.3rd course: Everybody but me chose the braised beef + mashed potatoes... which was the smartest choice haha 'cause it tasted pretty darn good.
M and D
My serious Mac + Cheese had a very very funky smell going on w/ it. 1/2 of it went home with me.Waiting for our next course. The decor was pretty simple and inviting... and the waitresses wore interesting uniforms. I guess they did match the restaurant haha
Dessert! Mini cheesecake. ahha don't I look like a happy chipmunk here.
Crying frozen grapes.Their airplane sized (and stocked) bathroom w/ full length mirror -- cuuute.All in all, I wasn't totally blown away with the food. Service was good though.
I give the restaurant a honkin' 7.32/10
Now it's time to write more of my essay.

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Nat said...

aww you didnt like the mac and cheese?? sorry, you prolly ordered it coz i said it was good. i didnt mind it.. it had portobello (oyster?) mushrooms i remember which i thought was pretty darn interesting.