Monday, January 26, 2009

Things That Go Vroom! Or Putt Putt....

Today, my brother and I treated my grandparents to Dine Out at Joe Fortes. I love listening to my Gong Gong (G-pa, mom's side) talk haha he's so animated and enthusiastic in his own way. He was telling us how he's planning to buy a Lexus SUV (my favourite car) and I told him to get the cream one - the champagne coloured one 'cause then it'd be exactly the one I like. For some reason, I think he thought I said white or something 'cause he exclaimed, "NO! That colour is for pimps!!! If I drive that car in that colour, people will think I'm a pimp!" HAHAHA we all died laughing!

And then I found out that when my mom was 16, she wanted a Porche... (1974 Porche)
but instead, my Gpa bought her a Pacer (or a "ham" as my Gpa called it... my mom said it looks like a fish bowl. She called it a lemon b/c it was yellow and functioned like one). I can see why she was so embarassed to drive it!

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